7 Advantages of Learning the Quran With an Online Quran Teacher

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Allah revealed the Quran for Muslims as a source of learning. In the early days of Islam, the main focus of Muslims would be on the Quran that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would tell them about. The Prophet (PBUH) even said that the best Muslims learn the Quran and teach it to others. Hence, learning the Quran is a very virtuous and even necessary act. The best way to do this nowadays is with an online Quran Teacher, and this method is growing fast.

In the past, Quran-learning institutes such as madrassas or mosques were the main places to learn the Quran. Indeed, it has been the primary method for the past hundreds of years since the time of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH). However, modern-day society requires modern solutions. That is where online Quran teachers and academies come into the picture. They provide a lot of convenience and benefits to the average Muslim student.

Time is invaluable. You can regain lost money, but you can’t recover lost time. The fact is that traditional methods of learning are very time-consuming. For advanced students who are learning the high levels of the Quran, they may be apt. However, for the average person who wants to learn the Quran in an adequate but basic manner, other options are more viable. This is why the presence of online Quran teachers has changed things so much recently.

1.    Flexibility

There is no doubt that many students of the Quran require flexibility. Many of them have regular classes and schools to attend. Moreover, some of them may even be adults. A person working full-time won’t be able to learn at any specified time. They may need to take lessons at odd hours. They may want to take a few weekly lessons as well. You can find all these facilities with online Quran teachers and classes, where there are many options for you.

2.    Convenience

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of studying with online Quran teachers for most people. You don’t have to go anywhere or prepare for any physical classes. Instead, you can easily study from your residence. All you need is a computer or a smart device. This, alongside access to the internet, enables you to become an online learning candidate. You can easily attend classes held via apps such as Skype or Zoom to learn all about the Quran.

3.    Variety

People are often worried about learning the Quran in a stereotypical way. Quran classes traditionally have male tutors that all teach in the same way. With online Quran teachers, however, you also get the option of female teachers. Many girls or women desire to study with females, which is totally understandable. Moreover, if you have a problem with a tutor for some reason, the possibility of changing to another one is always there for you.

4.    Security

Safety and security are often a worry when people are learning with strangers and sharing information with them, potentially over video chat. However, that’s not a problem with online Quran teachers. Online Quran academies thoroughly vet all candidates before hiring them. Furthermore, there are rigorous methods they utilize to ensure that teachers are doing the job in the best way and behaving in the appropriate manner.

5.    Affordability

You will find there to be many options for online Quran teachers. And what does that mean? It means a lot of variety and, therefore, reasonable prices. Quran academy have to ensure that they attract students, and for that, they must offer good packages. Without attractive packages, students or parents will not have any incentive. Hence, this means that you can learn the Quran online at a modest price. This may not be the case with other methods.

6.    Teachers

The teachers themselves are the biggest asset. Would any student want to study with them if online Quran teachers lacked competency? The answer is an obvious no. However, online Quran tutors have the skill and experience to help students to learn the Quran. With their prior knowledge, they know how to help students of all levels. Hence, they can cater to all types of learners and help them to learn the Quran quickly.

7.    Classes

With online Quran teachers, you can study various aspects of the Quran. Beginners and advanced learners can equally benefit. If you’re a complete newbie to Arabic and the Quran, there is a course for you. If you want to memorize the Quran or learn it with translation, another course is suitable for you. Moreover, if you are struggling with your recitation and want to improve, you can do that as well. So, we have all the bases covered for our students.

Final Verdict

It is important for all Muslims to learn the Quran. Allah said that Muslims will only be true believers and fear Him if they have knowledge. If we don’t read the Quran and understand it, we are the ignorant ones. Hence, it is a must for us to learn the Quran so that we can live according to the rules of Islam. Islam isn’t just a set of commandments that we need to follow. Instead, it is a complete way of life.

A companion of the Prophet (PBUH) once asked Aisha (RA) about the Prophet (PBUH)’s conduct. She told him that he lived in accordance with the Quran. He did whatever was necessary for him to adhere to Allah’s rules and instructions. We must do likewise by following the Quran from cover to cover. We have to mindful of Allah’s commands. Otherwise, our relationship with Him can deteriorate, and that will harm us, not Him.

Hopefully, this guide provides you with some great incentives for opting to study with an online Quran teacher. It is simple, easy, convenient, and affordable. Anyone can study with online Quran teachers and benefit from this modern method of learning. At Quran For Kids, we guarantee the highest level of quality for students. Therefore, we offer a free one-week trial as well. Sign up right away and get started on your journey!

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