5 Ways You Can Keep The Office Secure

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Before the pandemic, your office was a busy hive of constant activity, with employees and visitors frequently coming by.

Times have changed now, though. With fewer people venturing out and many employees working from home, offices are quieter. You might still be using the office for limited hours or vital storage, so you now need to consider how to keep the building secure.

Keep reading to find out 5 ways that you can improve your office’s security whilst it is empty.


CCTV cameras can be a fantastic way to deter crimes such as vandalism or burglaries. The visibility of cameras and signage to state ‘CCTV is in use’, can be enough to scare someone off that has bad intentions.

Real systems and fake cameras can be easily obtained and affordably purchased, and installation is often simple. Many companies will also specialize in setting up the system for you too.

Many operators even offer a service that allows you to get a live view and alerts of your office straight to your mobile phone. The number of companies offering CCTV options for both the office and home is growing year on year, as connectivity becomes increasingly better.

2. Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is the traditional form of creating physical barriers to the property. This could be a new gate and fence around the site or bollards that make driving up to the building more difficult.

You could give some thought to the outside of your site too. Are there trees or shrubs blocking the view of your office? You should consider removing anything that may act as a place to hide from the view of passers-by or the CCTV views.

3. High Frequency Sound Alarms

You may have seen high-frequency sound alarms to put off cats coming onto your property; well now there are alarms to deter humans too!

These alarms are now being used frequently by commercial premises and community buildings to deter young people from loitering outside and reduce the chance of vandalism.

The high-frequency sound provided by alarms from companies such as mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com are designed to only be heard by people and can be set to target those under the age of 25 specifically.

4. Burglar Alarms

If you are unable to prevent the intruder from breaking into your office, then a burglar alarm should at least reduce their time on the site.

So many devices are available now to alert you of an intruder. Infrared-based solutions can be used inside the building and detectors on switches, doors, and windows. Like CCTV, many of these systems can be accessed remotely.

5. Fire Detection Systems

It is important that you also think about the risk of fire and put systems in place to prevent one from occurring and escalating. Today, it only takes 30 seconds for a spark to become a major fire.

Of course, your office should already have smoke detectors, but you might also want to consider a sprinkler system and automatic fire doors. Again, a modern fire detection system can be controlled from your remote device.

Peace of Mind is Worth It

With all the options available today to suit every budget and building, there is no good reason not to maximize your office’s security whilst you and your employees are away.

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