5 Signs You Need Better Science Lab Equipment

Ali Raza
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5 Signs You Need Better Science Lab Equipment

When you landed your job with a laboratory, it was a huge accomplishment for you!

You’ve always dreamed of wearing a white lab coat. Now, you get to join a $72 billion industry that helps people every day!

A few months into your dream career, you notice that some of the equipment looks a bit old. Is it time to ask the company to replace some of the older equipment?

There are a few telltale signs that mean you should replace your science lab equipment. Keep reading to find out 5 warning signs to look for in the lab.

1. Inaccurate Test Results

One of the first signs of when to upgrade equipment is when your test results start getting skewed. Inaccurate results are useless for scientists and waste precious time and materials.

If you notice the test results getting farther away from what you expect, check that the equipment is producing an accurate test result. Try using a different set of equipment to rule out equipment malfunction.

2. Increase in Energy Use

When equipment that uses electricity gets old, it gets less efficient and uses way more energy.

If you notice the electricity bill creeping up month after month, it could mean it’s time to replace some equipment.

3. Equipment Needs Recalibration More Often

Another sign of when to replace lab equipment is when you find yourself recalibrating the equipment more often.

When equipment needs recalibration, it puts tests on hold until the equipment is back up and running. Since time is money, any equipment downtime costs the lab tons of money!

4. General Wear and Tear on Science Lab Equipment

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your best science lab equipment. If you notice general wear and tear on your lab equipment, you’ll want to replace it asap. 

Your smaller consumable items like vials and filters need replenishing more often. Make sure you have a reliable company like www.chromtech.com for all your lab supply needs.

5. Lab Equipment Safety Concerns

Sometimes, laboratory technicians work with dangerous chemicals. Old and malfunctioning equipment can cause serious consequences. 

Keeping the lab safe is everyone’s first priority. Do your part and watch out for signs to upgrade lab equipment so you can help keep everyone safe!

Without Labs, Our Scientists Are Like Soldiers Without Arms

A laboratory is a place where scientists can run tests to learn things about the world we live in. Without a functioning laboratory, no test could come out accurate enough.

Watch out for these 5 key warning signs that you need to replace your old lab equipment. That way, you know your test results are accurate and your team is safe.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned what to look out for with aging science lab equipment. For more informative articles about technology, business, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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