5 must-have souvenirs to bring home from Korea

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South Korea is full of culture and tradition. Over the years, they have had more tourists visiting historic sites, exploring South Korea’s culture, and going to trendy cafes and restaurants to experience every bit of South Korea’s gems. If you do visit Seoul, there is a lot to do, and surely you will miss every corner of the city. What could be better to remember your trip than to buy boutique souvenirs in Seoul? In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 must-have souvenirs for you to bring home and share with your loved ones.

Korean beauty products

South Korea is popular for its skincare and beauty products, and they are found all around the Myeong-dong district. Bring home some K-beauty products to your friends and family, and of course for yourself to get that flawless, bright, and young look.

Beauty products such as BB Cream, primers, blush, facial packs, and sheet masks are some of the most popular products you can find in Seoul. Expect to be overwhelmed at first as you enter each shop as there are also a lot of shades, sizes, brands, and designs to choose from.

Korean snacks

There are a lot of snacks to choose from when you visit South Korea. Snacks like chips, cookies, and small cakes are also perfect to pair with their instant coffee. You will definitely want to share them with your friends and family at home. Some popular snacks are Honey Butter Chips, Corn-flavored Ggobuk Chips, Choco Heim, and Mongshell. These snacks are highly popular because of how the flavors are balanced and how light these snacks are.

Alcoholic beverages

Soju and Maekgoli. These two alcoholic beverages are staples in South Korea. They are much cheaper in Korea than those outside the country and are one of the most popular items to bring back home to family and friends. Soju companies have released fruit-flavored soju such as grape, peach, grapefruit, blueberry, and more. Maekgoli is a traditional Korean rice wine that is less strong than soju, it also goes well with savory Korean dishes.

K-pop and K-drama merchandise

Of course, you cannot skip buying merchandise if you are a K-pop and/or K-drama fan. There are a lot of places to buy these goods in South Korea. You can find all sorts of boutique souvenir such as paintings, autographed stills, albums, t-shirts, tote bags, etc. There are also souvenir shops managed by their agencies where you can buy official or rare merchandise.

Traditional handicrafts

Aside from experiencing the modern lifestyle of South Korea, you should also visit traditional and historic sites. In these places, you will find souvenirs as well. Their souvenirs are unique and full of tradition. If you want to experience and take home a traditionally crafted souvenir, visit Insadong and Bukchon Hanok Village. In these traditional neighborhoods, you can learn how to make traditional handicrafts and take them home to give as gifts and a little souvenir for yourself.

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