4 Common Corset Questions Answered

Erika White
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When wearing a corset, where does the fat go?

I wish I could say it just disappears and never to return, but that is not true.

What actually happens is the extra weight that you carry in your midsection gets redistributed up into the top part of your corset and down into the lower part of your corset, giving you a real exaggerated hourglass shape.

This is what allows some of more full-figured ladies to be able to size into corsets that are really curvy, even if maybe they’re not naturally that curvy.

This is another reason why custom made corsets for women are the best option.

Whether or not people can workout in their steel boned corset?

The answer is no! You may not work out in your steel boned corset.

This is for many reasons and number one is if you’re working out hard and rigorously, you’re running or biking really hard, you need to be able to use the full capacity of your lungs to breathe.

A full corset that sits all the way up is actually going to force you to breathe from the top part of your lungs, just like being pregnant would do.

That’s not a good idea!

Also there are steel bones and if you’re contorting and twisting around in the gym, it’s not going to work. You will essentially ruin your corset.

If you want to keep training while you’re doing your waist training and you’re at the gym, I recommend using a compression waist cincher or any other tight waist cincher.

Anything like that if you want to keep that pressure up while you’re working out would be the way to go.

When wearing my corset underneath my clothing, how can I hide my laces?

When you’re at work and you’re trying to be the stealth corseter, you don’t really want people asking about that big lump in your back.

You can tuck them and actually if you tuck them up as opposed to down, it’s less noticeable in the back of your clothes. It just messes with a silhouette level less on your back side.

There are satin laces which are lighter weight and less bulky, but super strong because they’re double-sided. You can have them cut to any length. You can cut them really short and that shortness is a lot easier to hide.

When it comes to waist training, one of most commonly and frequently asked questions is how long will it take me to train my waist, when am I going to see results.

That is a really hard question to answer because there is no one answer. That really would be like walking in to the gym and asking the trainer how long before I lose my thirty pounds.

That depends: are you actually going to workout, are you going to diet or you just going to own a gym membership.

All of those things will weigh in to whether or not you actually see any results. Waist training is the same way.

Waist training is a process by which over time you actually modify the shape of your waist. You can actually bring in your natural waist so that even when you’re not wearing a corset, you have a more hourglass shape.

But of course that takes time!

Many women really only want to waist train five or six hours a day, maybe five or six days a week. That’s going to take you quite a bit longer to see results than somebody who is wearing their corset 18 to 23 hours a day, sleeping through the night in their corset and waist training around the clock.

There are other factors that play into this as well.

Some people really only want to modify their waist, they don’t have any weight to lose and don’t really want to lose any weight. It might take you a little bit longer to see results.

Many women out there are trying to actually lose weight while they are trying to bring in their waistline, so they have incorporated diet and exercise into their program.

If you are dropping weight at the same time that you are waist training, you’re going to see a more dramatic result more quickly than somebody who is not losing weight.

There is the genetic factor. Some of us are able to change our shape more quickly than others. Part of that depends on how squishy you are, how much length you have to work with in your torso.

Women who have a very short torso and don’t have a lot of room for things to move around, it’s going to take you longer to see results. Just like you are not able to size down as much initially as someone who’s got more space.

If you have quite a bit of room between your hip and your ribcage, you actually can size down pretty easily pretty regularly.

So how long is it going to take you to see results?

Well that depends. What are your genes made of, how much diet and exercise are you doing and how much time you are committing to your corseting. It will be different for everyone.

Some people will see they shave an inch or two almost immediately in the first couple of weeks of waist training. For others it’s going to take several months before they start to notice results.

Just be patient. Know that it will happen.

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