3 Reasons You Need a Cloud Backup Service ASAP

Jones Smith
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If you have a business, then a cloud back up service has never been more important. Cloud backup services provide an online repository for you to access any of your files.

The resolution of photos, images, documents is increasing in quality and size, making it difficult to store. This has lead to the rise in cloud services.

And since their rise in popularity, cloud backup services have become increasingly affordable. This means you can start using the cloud with no major hit to your expenditure.

In this article, we’ll cover the three most important reasons for using cloud based backup services for your business.

  1. Backup

Your computer crashes. Your laptop is stolen. An employee loses valuable data. How do you feel? Frustrated and crushed.

The biggest advantage of a cloud backup service is automatic, continuous backup of your most important files. No matter what happens to your hardware, you have a safe backup on the cloud.

Even better, by having all your files stored in one place, you have the ability to restore any version of a file. This is like digital time traveling. You have a backup of your most recent versions and previous versions of the same file.

It’s handy to have your files on the computer, rather than paperless, for this reason alone. This blog post dives deeper into paper vs. digital discussion.

  1. Safety 

A cloud backup service does not only store your files but protects them as well. If you have chosen a good provider, they will encrypt your files for protection. This means the files can only be accessed with a user-defined key. This key cannot be changed or viewed by the provider.

This means that it is difficult to hack your files and the provider themselves can not see the files. Even if they are forced by the government or other agencies.

Moreover, since the backup is continuous and automatic, every file is safely stored and encrypted without action on your part. This removes the human fault to forget.

  1. Access

We’ve all forgotten a document at home or a presentation on a harddrive. It’s natural, especially when you’re juggling 100 things for your business. But a backup service means you have access to all your files, from any device, at any time! You can recover them and never look unprofessional again.

Secure Your Business With a Cloud Backup Service

It’s important to remember that a cloud backup does not mean you should get rid of your local backup or external harddrive. It is an easy solution to having another backup in place.

As a business, you want to focus on innovation and growth. You don’t want to spend time and energy continuously worrying about the safety of your files. A cloud backup service is the best way to secure, access, and simplify the storing of files. This leaves you with the space to focus on what’s really important: your business

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