3 Reasons Why Security Awareness Training Is Important

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Data breaches cost businesses millions every year. This figure is made up of both money stolen and lost revenue through lack of sales due to customers and potential customers losing faith in the business. Statistics show that these errors occurred due to human error 90 percent of the time, meaning that, with more security awareness training, many of these issues could be stamped out. Read on to find out more about why security awareness training is important.

To Prevent Breaches and Attacks

The most obvious reason why security awareness training is crucial is that it can prevent these aforementioned breaches and attacks; click here to find out more about this training and arrange it for your business since it should be a priority for any business owner this correct.

As we’ve said, data breaches cost millions, and some businesses simply can’t come back from an incident such as this. By teaches employees exactly what to look out for, what phishing emails look like, how to use their antivirus software, and what the rules are around giving out information, more and more breaches can be stopped before they become too problematic.

To Give Your Customers Confidence

In the past, customers probably wouldn’t have been aware of what a cyberattack was or how it could affect them. However, in more recent years, people have become much more internet-savvy, and they know exactly what a cybercriminal could do if they were to hack into a computer network. This means that customers turn away from websites and companies that don’t have security measures such as security awareness training.

The more you can show your customers that you are doing everything you can to keep them and their data safe, the happier they will be to buy from you. Simply by ensuring your security awareness training is up to date, you could even make more sales than you would have usually done, especially if your competitors are not quite so careful.

To Improve Employee Wellbeing

The happier someone is, the more productive they will be, and this is perhaps a surprising benefit of security awareness training; it improves your employees’ wellbeing. This is because once learned, the information your employees have about cybersecurity means they will be more confident in their work, aware of but unafraid of any cyberattack potential. They know they won’t make a mistake in that regard, helping them feel calmer and more positive. Hence, it is one of the approaches you can include in your Employee Wellness Program.

Plus, since any security awareness training they do can be used on their home computer systems as well as when they are at work, they can feel confident in all ways, at all times. This has the benefit of ensuring they are more productive at work, happy to make decisions for themselves that they may not have had the knowledge to do before.

As an additional benefit, employees who receive adequate training in anything related to their work will always feel much more loyal and happier in their jobs. They know their employer is looking out for them, and that makes for a better workplace.

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