3 Easy Snowboard Tricks to Try This Winter

Ali Raza
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3 Easy Snowboard Tricks to Try This Winter

Winter is coming. You know it’s a great time for winter sports like snowboarding, but you aren’t sure if you are ready to hit jumps or even do basic tricks.

Technology updates have allowed anyone to learn how to do cool new things on a winter holiday, like skateboarding. If you think that you need to learn some easy snowboarding tricks, this guide is for you. You won’t have to make the journey down the bunny slope looking like a penguin.

Here are some awesome and easy snowboard tricks to try this winter.

1. Snowboard Rotation

No matter your level of snowboarding experience, there are always new tricks to learn and old tricks to master. One of the most popular tricks among snowboarders is rotation.

When performing a rotation, it’s important to keep your weight centered over your board. This will help you maintain control and land the trick safely. As you approach the jump, start to turn your shoulders and hips in the direction you want to rotate.

This will help you generate the momentum you need to complete the trick. As you leave the ground, tuck your knees into your chest and tuck your head down. This will help you rotate quickly and safely.

With a little practice, you’ll be nailing rotations in no time. So get out there and enjoy the snow while trying some new tricks this winter!

2. Snowboard Presses

Snowboard presses look impressive and are relatively simple to do. Plus, they can be done on any terrain, so you can practice them anywhere.

To do a press, simply lean forward and place your weight on your front foot. Then, slide your back foot up the tail of your board until your nose is touching the snow. Finally, stand up and ride away.

It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll be able to do them all over the mountain.

3. Snowboard Grabs

One of the most popular easy snowboard tricks is a snowboard grab. This involves grabbing the nose or tail of your board while you are in the air. It is a relatively easy trick to do and can help to improve your balance. Another easy trick to try is called a “butter.”

This is simply when you do a little jump and then spread your legs apart while in the air, creating a “butterfly” effect. This is a great trick to help improve your control while in the air. If you are planning to do snowboarding, you can check for affordable snowboard rentals online. 

Nail These 3 Easy Snowboard Tricks This Winter

If you’re looking for some easy snowboard tricks to try this winter, check out this list. From simple rotations and grabs to more advanced grabs and flips, there’s something here for every skill level. So grab your board and hit the slopes; it’s time to learn some new tricks!

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