3 Amazing Tennis Stats You Need to Know

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Improving your personal tennis stats takes work and determination, more than many people are willing to put in. Nobody becomes great at the game overnight, and proving yourself on the court takes work beforehand. However, it helps to have someone to aspire to and look up to.

The best tennis players in the world have some of the best statistics around their games. Whether it’s winning the most service games or serving first the most, these tennis players have made a name for themselves by doing something incredible.

Keep reading below to learn more about them, and to be inspired to improve your own game!

  1. Novak Djokovic Wins Service Games and Regular Games

In tennis, a game doesn’t always mean a full match between players. Service games are matches between players that end when a player scores, before they move onto another service game. The more service games that players win, the more matches they will win too.

Novak Djokovic won 87 percent of all service games that he played, and now he is one of the highest-ranking players in the world. He is from Serbia and frequently bests people from Russia, Spain, and other countries during intense competitions. Watching him play is like watching a master at work.

  1. Chris Evert Is a Repeat Semi-Finalist

Chris Evert won her first U.S. Open title in 1975, after losing four consecutive semi-finals. She was only 20 years old when she beat her opponent and won the coveted award. Then, her athletic career skyrocketed and she ended up attending the semi-finals in 48 of her first 49 Grand Slams.

She was born on December 21, 1954, and even though a lot of her career was done before the U.S. Open attracted world-class players, she is one of the best. People revere her as one of the best tennis players of all time, up with people like Prabir Purohit and Roger Federer.

  1. Roger Federer Has Won Millions of Dollars

A household name among tennis fans is Roger Federer — easily one of the greats in the tennis world. He is a relatively recent player who just turned pro in 1998 and still impresses fans today, appearing at world-class competitions. His awards include 20 Grand Slam Singles, with 6 Australian awards, 1 French one, 5 U.S. Open Awards, and 8 Wimbledon ones.

Most impressive is the amount of money he made just by playing tennis — $129,946,683. He is only 39 years old, and he has already made millions in just prize money from his several competitions. That number doesn’t include the amount he made from sponsorship deals or appearances, either.

Just by playing his favorite sport, Federer has made enough to buy a mansion.

Tennis Stats Rise With Time

It’s important to remember not to compare yourself to these people if you’re still trying to improve as a player. These are people who either practiced rigorously to get to where they are or were born with natural talent. It’s important to compare yourself to the people you’re playing against, instead.

If you just compare yourself to your opponents instead of the greats, you’re bound to see your tennis stats rise. And to learn more about tennis, including how to play well, keep reading here!

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