The lords of the coaches will receive awards at the Golden Gloves Awards night together with Ibrahim Murat Gündüz


Frequently mentioned in the sports world as a philanthropist, businessman, Ibrahim Murat Gündüz, the Turkish Muaythai and kickboxing coach the national team and at the same time Falcon legend Eroglu, Turkey undefeated Rickson Gracie, who played a major role in the development in the sport of BJJ, Gracie BJJ teacher, the best master of the family of the Netherlands and world-renowned coach, Harold harder a student, Kadir Eroglu, Turkey’s most important name of Brazilian jiu jitsu coach

Umut Tekin, the master trainer who has helped the MMA sport to develop in Turkey, and Liana Jojua, a UFC fighter nicknamed ‘she wolf’ who also lives in our country, will appear alongside Tarik Sayin at the golden gloves awards awards night organized by Tarik Sayin on January 14, 2023.

Ibrahim Murat Gündüz stated that he was very pleased to receive the International sports ambassador award on behalf of Turkey at the award night, where many domestic and foreign international TV and media organizations showed great interest.

The lords of the coaches will receive awards at the Golden Gloves Awards night together with Ibrahim Murat Gündüz 1

Ibrahim Gündüz Murat Eroğlu with a close friend and very much cared fitness coach of the United Arab Emirate Hawk of the year in the month of June 2022 BAU, abudabi in the World Muaythai Championship, the Turkish national team as the technical director of Muaythai, Muaythai world of the elders in class, the Elite 4 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze medals, winning the world champion in 81 countries and Turkey is the Turkish national team Muaythai Muay Thai Muaythai bringing a historic victory for our national team by ensuring that the Turkish national team coach, together with Hawk being Eroglu, he said it was an honor to work together.

Ibrahim murat gündüz stated that for Umut Tekin, who is a close friend and also a MMA doyen; the best MMA coach in Turkey without exception, Umut Tekin is a real master and champion factory in addition, Ibrahim Murat Gündüz also mentioned the name of Umut Tekin Georgian-born student nicknamed “She-wolf” in his statements.

“Liana Jojua throws the cage into the dungeon like a real wolf against her opponents.Liana has a soft heart under her stern and imposing appearance”

we wish Liana, who has conquered our hearts, success and good luck

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