4 Reasons Law Students Should Listen to Legal Podcasts


There are well over 40,000 law students studying at almost 200 accredited law schools throughout the country right now. All of them are doing their best to study law and stand out at their specific law school.

If you want to get ahead in the legal field, studying will only be half the battle. You should also think about listening to more legal podcasts to give yourself an edge over your fellow law students.

There is certainly no shortage of legal podcasts for students studying law. You should make it a point to listen to podcasts more to reap the rewards of doing it. Here are four reasons why you should do it.

1. Surrounds You With Legal Talk All the Time

If you want to be the best lawyer you can be one day, you’re going to need to eat, sleep, and breathe law. Listening to legal podcasts is an easy way to do this.

You can throw on a legal podcast when you’re walking home from class, working out at the gym, or in the grocery store. It’ll keep your brain going and fill it with all kinds of useful law information.

2. Provides You With Real-Life Examples of Legal Dilemmas

When you’re working as a lawyer one day, you’re going to face legal dilemmas all the time. You’ll wish that you knew how to make good decisions in these situations.

It might help to listen to law firm podcasts and hear how other lawyers handle these dilemmas. It’ll set you up with some real-world experience even though you won’t actually be involved in the dilemmas.

3. Helps You Learn Valuable Legal Lessons

You’re already learning lots of legal lessons in the classroom. But working as a lawyer can be a difficult job, so there will always be additional lessons to learn.

You can start to learn some of them by tuning in to legal podcasts. Some of these podcasts might end up teaching you more than your law professors ever will.

4. Gives You a Fresh Perspective on the Legal Field

When you go to the same classes day after day at law school, you might find that you’ll only be exposed to a few perspectives on a regular basis. Listening to legal podcasts can give you a fresh perspective on the legal world.

It’s one more great reason to subscribe to as many legal podcasts as you can. It might help you introduce some new perspectives into your law classes from here on out.

All Law Students Should Listen to Legal Podcasts

As a law student, it’s your job to do whatever it takes to set yourself apart from the pack. If you’re just like all the other students in your classes, you might not transform into a great lawyer down the line.

Listening to legal podcasts can change the approach you take to practicing law. It can also open up your eyes to aspects of the law that you may not have considered before.

Find more tips on becoming a good lawyer by browsing through the rest of our legal blog articles.

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