Top Coolest Car Commercials

Top Coolest Car Commercials

Advertising is an art on the verge of admiration and hatred. In the hands of the incompetent, it takes on the appearance of annoying television commercials that make you want to change the channel. And professionals turn it into real masterpieces and get the Cannes Lions for them.

In the automotive market, where competition is extremely high, the price of a failure from an “unshot” advertisement increases many times over. Today let’s remember the coolest automotive commercials that might impress you. Most of them are not only funny, but also well-remembered. And this is one of the most important criteria for evaluating advertising.

Range Rover

This crossover remains one of the best-selling models in the premium compact SUV segment. If you want to test this model before buying it outside of a test drive, contact the range rover for rent dubai service, because car rental has long been affordable and not a luxury item. Hiring a premium car for any reason or just for fun and a new driving experience is always, of course, cheaper than buying a similar car and maintaining it. Renting cars for different periods allows drivers to diversify their driving experience and make decisions about buying a car more carefully. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices for car rental even in the most luxurious and expensive corners of the planet.

Undoubtedly, the success of the Evoque is due in part to the creativity of the marketing team. While preparing for the next model year, Land Rover has made a new promotional video. The official YouTube channel has gained more than 100 million views. Ita was necessary to demonstrate in a simple way the all-terrain capabilities of the crossover and its advantages over most other cars.

For this, allegedly, on the unlive street of one of the English cities, a huge metal ramp was installed. Not every car will pass through such an obstacle. Naturally, in the clip, the Evoque was the only car to make it through the colossal hurdle, proving to be more than just a luxury SUV on the road. “Born in the wild, adapted to the city” is the company’s slogan coined for the crossover model.


The fact that your car is different can be a huge competitive advantage. Therefore, by releasing the second generation of the Cube compact with an asymmetrical rear window and one of the roof pillars hidden behind it, Nissan presented the model with a series of posters under the defiant slogan: “Symmetry is ugliness.” The mirrored faces of people depicted on them echoed the statement.


Women are not very good drivers – true or stereotype? On Valentine’s Day, Ford decided to hold a speed (punning translation – “speed”) date by installing a hidden camera in the cabin of the brand new Ford Mustang GT 2015, and refute the popular belief. Whether the creators of the video succeeded or not, decide for yourself. But the numbers speak for themselves – in less than a week the video has collected 4.3 million views. And of course, advertising has all the components of success – a red sports car and a sexy blonde, shocking the strong half of humanity.


BMW teamed up with Fallon to create The Hire, a short internet series that was uploaded online four years before YouTube. A real-life example of how a crazy idea can lead to a huge success, the campaign was the first to win the Titanium Lion at Cannes. The series, which was attended by Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Madonna, Gary Oldman and other celebrities, tells the story of a man carrying people and cargo in a BMW. At great speed, the car is blown up and shot, and for such merciless, but win-win advertising, the creators paid $ 17 million. So far, this is one of the most striking examples of branded content. So bright that Luc Besson took the plot of the series as the basis for his film The Transporter.


Promoting the fourth generation of the flagship SUV Grand Cherokee, the Jeep brand has chosen a well-recognized corporate image for a series of billboards – the vertical grille of the legendary Jeep with a pair of round headlights on the sides.

It was played in the form of a home battery to indicate the presence of heated front and rear leather seats. The safe symbolizes the security of the car. And in the explanations for the equalizer, they talk about cool Hi-Fi class acoustics with 19 Harman Kardon speakers.

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