Where To Get Free Templates With Responsive Format

Where To Get Free Templates With Responsive Format

There are many free services to create functional websites. However, the truth is that most are really restrictive in what they offer.

The options that we have put in this list are the best in terms of the number of features that they allow you in their free plans. But do not forget that many times these plans are just a starter and that, if you like the way your site works and design, it is worth the effort to pay for a plan that allows you to customize it more and add more features that simplify your work and that enrich the user experience.

Without further ado, here are the best tools to create a free website and, moreover, in just a few steps:

Dorik Content Management 

As a great alternative to WordPress, especially when it comes to blogging , we recommend checking out the Dorik Content Management  platform.

Just like other professional platforms that appear on our list, with the Dorik website builder you can create pages in a responsive format. That is, optimized for mobile devices. Furthermore, this platform offers its own website hosting service and SEO tools as well (although only on its paid plans).


If what you want is to make a free sales website, Wobiz has everything you are looking for if you know how to take advantage of its 14-day free trial.

Wobiz allows you to create a virtual store with a friendly interface and by modifying predesigned templates. In addition, it allows the integration of Instagram and Facebook as sales channels, in addition to facilitating marketing actions on said platform.

One of the great advantages of Wobiz is that it offers the possibility for its developers to create your store for you , this translates into greater customization possibilities and the confidence that experts will get the most out of the platform.


The Weebly platform is another great option to easily make a free website. Not only does it offer up to 500 MB of storage in its free plan, but it also includes a security certificate and access to more than 200 applications in its app-center.

In addition, it has integrated marketing tools and offers the possibility to edit your website from mobile. However, in the free plan there is no “white label”, that is, the Weebly name will be seen in the URL of all your web pages on this domain.


Webnode claims that more than 40 million users are satisfied with its services. The truth is not something that is incredible, because it has one of the most intuitive and complete platforms to create web pages.

Using this service it is very simple to add, delete or edit elements in any of their templates, which gives a maximum of customization that is not common to get in free website builders. It is very easy and fast because they seek to live up to their name and that any web page can be ready just by counting 1, 2 and 3.


You probably know Hostgator for its web hosting services, but similar to other options on our list, this company also allows you to create professional websites.

Of course, they can be hosted directly on your hosting services. This ensures that your page is always online and that it will be safe for users.

To use Hostgator’s website builder, we recommend you take a look at all the plans. Both the Personal, Entrepreneur, Business and Turbo plans already include the free website builder and domain.

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