5 Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy      

5 Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy      

Sometimes your body may need longer or short term attention for specific afflictions. You may be experiencing aches, pains, or other symptoms that you have not before.

You might want to consider consulting with your doctor and looking into a physical therapist.

Physical therapists can help manage movement and pain problems, setting you up for a more comfortable quality of life.

They can help you to avoid surgery or recover from previous injuries. They may even be able to manage things like vascular conditions, or feelings of dizziness.

Here are some reasons you may need to seek the help of a professional.

Your posture is lacking.

Poor posture can cause many issues, from minor to major.

Slumping over in a chair for hours on end can cause circulation problems, pain in the back and shoulders, and even arthritis. Additionally, it can fatigue you more quickly than other people.

Physical therapists can work with you on core exercises to strengthen how your body holds itself. Breathing exercises may also be employed.

You don’t bounce back from injuries well.

If you are prone to injuries you may find as time goes on your body has a harder time coming back from them.

Physical therapy can help strengthen your body and let you come back from many afflictions.

Sprains are painful and can cause long-term harm if not treated properly if too much scar tissue builds up.

Things like tennis or golf elbow should be treated if you’re the type of person who plays a sport with repetitive motions.

You get a lot of headaches.

Whether a dull ache or intense migraine, a constant flow of headaches can be a sign you need physical therapy.

Stress and tension in your body may be causing them, and it may be doing so subtly.

Physical therapy can help relieve this extra stress, particularly in the shoulder and neck region.

It’s also great for your mental health.

You tend to get dizzy.

Vertigo is when the room feels like it’s spinning. It’s unpleasant, and usually the sign of larger problems.

There are many reasons this happens but most lead to vestibular disorders like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

There are physical therapists who specialize in BPPV and will know how to perform a range of exercises with you that can help reduce discomfort.

These exercises focus on stability and balance.

Your joints are unstable.

Do you often find your knees buckling or ankles rolling? Maybe you feel totally stiff and movement is stressful.

This could be because your joints are suffering.

You may suffer from tingling, numbness, instability, hypermobility, or hypmobility. You may feel more fatigued than usual from typical activity, or simply don’t have the same tolerance you used to do certain things.

Physical therapy can create a regime you can do both at home and with a therapist that will exercise these joints and keep them fluid. It will strengthen the joints and surrounding muscles so you can avoid injury and discomfort down the line. 

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