Big Crypto Exchanges

Trading and investment are the main use cases for cryptocurrency. The high volatility of digital assets and the overall market fluctuations allow traders and investors to receive significant incomes. It may happen in the short term, even within one day, or in the long term, up to a few years long holding assets. 

Cryptocurrency trading can be of a few types:

Day trading 


Swing trading

Buy and hold.

Big crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, WhiteBIT, and KuCoin allow using any trading strategy, providing a high level of security for traders and their funds.

The Advantages of Big Trading Platforms

Let’s discuss why big centralized crypto exchanges are ideal for trading and investment.

First of all, they usually offer a complete list of crypto assets in the market. These are not only the most popular digital assets but also little-known young yet promising projects. 

Large and credible crypto exchanges offer average market rates and fees for transactions. To check out the current price of, for example, the BitTorrent crypto, enter the BTT USDT pair in a crypto calculator. You will see the up-to-date rate for this pair and the fee you pay for your transaction.

Big crypto exchanges operate officially. They comply with all the laws and requirements of regulators, so they have to provide full security for clients’ funds and data. For that purpose, they implement complex security mechanisms and offer users to set up personal account protection that allows no third parties to access users’ funds.

Big crypto exchanges are the safe way to invest in cryptocurrency, for they do not allow users with no verification passed. Only a simple swap feature is allowed for those not verified; however, the funds’ withdrawal is largely limited in this case. To access all the investment tools, users pass the KYC verification, providing their documents. It is done with the purpose of not allowing illegal and suspicious actions on the users’ part, hence, increasing the exchange’s safety for other clients.

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