We Tried Popular Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks… And This Happened!

We Tried Popular Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks... And This Happened! 1

The global whiteboard market is projected to reach USD 319.1 Million in 2022. It is because whiteboards are in constant use for meaningful work.

The user who has to clean them is not valued anywhere near the same amount of money. So, whenever technology offers a way to help them, they jump on it.

These technologies usually come in the form of a hack. We will have a look at some whiteboard cleaning hacks and the outcome. That way, you can decide whether you trust them or go down a more chemical route.

Clean a Whiteboard With Toothpaste

If you’ve ever tried cleaning a whiteboard with toothpaste, you know it’s a huge pain. The toothpaste can clean the board, leaving a nasty residue that’s difficult to remove.

Using a Whiteboard Cleaner Spray

We used a whiteboard cleaner spray, and it worked great! The marker came off quickly, and the whiteboard looked brand new.

We were so impressed with the results that we decided to try it on our other whiteboards. It worked like a charm! We will be using this cleaner from now on.

Use a Whiteboard Eraser

When buying a whiteboard, it usually comes with its eraser. It is used explicitly to clean dry-erase markers on the whiteboard, and it will work wonderfully. But as time passes, its condition will deteriorate, and you will need a new one.

Using an eraser is the most common way to clean a whiteboard. You can search online for more unique tips and tricks on how to clean a whiteboard. Using hacks for cleaning a whiteboard can be cost-efficient and can help maintain its quality.

Refresh Your Board With WD-40

WD-40 works like a charm in cleaning your board. It can smoothen the whiteboard’s surface when it starts to break down or become rough because of constant usage. It can even leave a protective layer that can protect your whiteboard from further damage.

Use a Projector

Well, your whiteboard won’t get dirty if you won’t write anything on it. You will not have any problems using a projector on your whiteboard as it has a clean and wide surface. There are a lot of schools and offices that are using projectors because of the convenience that they offer.

Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks With a Nail Polish Remover

Make sure that the nail polish remover has acetone to get clean results. The acetone will be able to remove the ink from your markers. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the excess liquid to get a clean surface.

Combination of Baking Soda and White Vinegar

If you have a whiteboard at home, know that this cleaning hack is quite effective. Ensure that the vinegar and baking soda are mixed to get the best results. Use a paper towel or a soft cloth to rub the mixture to remove stains or smudges on the whiteboard’s surface.

Clean Your Whiteboard With These Hacks

We tried popular whiteboard cleaning hacks, and this happened. Overall, the hacks removed dry erase marker stains from whiteboards. Baking soda with vinegar, whiteboard erasers, and nail polish remover was the most effective at removing the stains.

We recommend trying these hacks next time your whiteboard needs cleaning!

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