4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the AA Anniversary

4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the AA Anniversary 1

85.6% of Americans older than 18 say they’ve drank alcohol at some point in their lives, and 14.5 million Americans older than 12 have alcohol use disorder (AUD). The prevalence of alcohol in our society makes it very hard to resist, so if your loved one’s gotten sober, that’s no easy feat!

When their AA anniversary comes up, you’ll want to commend them for their huge achievement. And what better way to do so than to present them with a thoughtful gift?

If you need some ideas, then keep reading. Below are 4 great ideas you can use!

1. A Personalized Journal

The journey to sobriety can be a long and challenging one. A personalized journal allows your loved one to track their program and reflect on the things they’ve been through. Not only that, but they can also set goals and keep those in mind whenever things get tough.

What’s great is you can find personalized journals specifically for sobriety! Your loved one will have fantastic prompts in the journal to stay motivated while in recovery.

2. A Spa Day

Your loved one deserves to pamper themselves after all the progress they’ve made toward sobriety. Spoil them by gifting them certificates they can use at their leisure.

Make sure to include things like massages, manicures, pedicures, and beauty salon treatments, such as makeup and hair coloring. They’ll come out feeling like a brand new person, which is fitting for their sobriety!

3. A Personalized AA Chip

Your loved one probably already has AA anniversary coins from their meetings. However, you can make things extra special by presenting them with your own custom AA chip.

With all the available choices online, you’re sure to create something that’ll commemorate the AA anniversary date respectfully and tastefully. Your loved one can carry that chip around with them and draw strength from it whenever they feel tempted by alcohol. Have peace of mind knowing that you can support them from afar.

4. Show or Event Tickets

Has your loved one always wanted to see a band live? Or do they have a favorite sports team they’d love to see?

Think of something they’ve wanted to save up for but haven’t gone to. When you present them with tickets, they’ll be ecstatic!

Make it even more special by tagging along. You’ll make tons of priceless memories you can look back on fondly, especially if you take pictures, get them printed, and gift them to your loved one!

Celebrate Your Loved One’s AA Anniversary

An AA anniversary is a huge milestone, so make sure you honor it. By selecting any of the gifts in this article, you’ll show your loved one you understand what an amazing thing they’ve done.

But be sure to tell them too! It’ll mean more than you think for your loved one to hear and be acknowledged for all their hard work.

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