What is the best VPN for Netflix and Streaming?

What is the best VPN for Netflix and Streaming?

Do you want to access Netflix’s US catalog holy of holies? Do you swear by British BBC series? Do you want to see the antics of RTBF’s Grand Cactus again? Just take a plane ticket… otherwise opt for a VPN suitable for unblocking geo-restrictions, without streaming jerks. Dream no more, we have selected, among the best VPNs on the market, those suitable for streaming the biggest international platforms. Heat the popcorn; you will discover an unknown world!

Streaming is probably the main consumer use of VPNs. We seek less to hide our visits on the net than to access audiovisual treasures blocked in this or that country. Until now, the American broadcaster Netflix has complacently tolerated Internet users from all over the world who used a VPN to access its American catalog.

But Netflix policy is changing. It was already the hide-and-seek game of VPN services with streaming services. Indeed, several VPN servers are clearly identified by audiovisual broadcasters as servers to circumvent geographical restrictions.

Despite subscribing to a VPN service, many Internet users complained that they could not access their favorite replay or VoD service. Amazon is particularly careful to offer its catalog of films and TV series only to legitimate subscribers in North America and another, less extensive, for European countries. The venerable BBC is also starting to get more insightful. Some connections are recognized as coming from blacklisted VPN servers.

To find out more precisely which streaming services VPNs provide access to, we tried each VPN service with different video streaming services, from English and other countries. Of course, we connected to the US Netflix juggernaut (offering a larger catalog of films, series and documentaries) than in other countries, but also Amazon Video, ESPN (to watch NBA basketball players or American football in particular). NFL), Crackle (films and TV programs), Popcornflix, BBC iPlayer (the respectable public broadcaster of the United Kingdom), Auvio (replay service of the Belgian channel RTBF), Play (video service of the Swiss channel RTS).

All tests were carried out. If by chance you have encountered problems with geo restrictions, VPN addresses banned abroad, do not hesitate to let us know, in a benevolent way in the comments in the article. Legal VoD and streaming platforms generally do not like the use of virtual private networks. Some content may therefore be inaccessible at the time you read these lines. Please let us know. This will also benefit the Cubic community.

ITop VPN, the best of the best

ITop VPN is probably the VPN its performance is nothing to be ashamed of compared to other VPNs. We haven’t detected any geo blocking issues with US, Belgian, UK or Swiss servers. Several video streams were played simultaneously without any problem.

In addition, iTop provides VPN clients for all platforms, both classic (Windows, macOS), mobile (iOS), TV boxes (AppleTV, FireTV, SmartTV), game consoles (Sony PlayStation , Microsoft Xbox) or browser extensions (Chrome & Firefox) to watch movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime. It is one of the vpn grátis and also its subscriptions prices are particularly attractive.

Kill Switch functionality

ITop provides you Kill switch function; note that the kill switch function is essential for the stream. Its purpose is to block your internet connection until the VPN reconnects (yes, it happens). Without it, your device (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.) would display your IP address and you would be excluded from the platform. The split tunneling function makes it possible to bypass the VPN for certain needs (authentication, gain in latency or speed, etc).

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