5 Ways to Make Money as a Digital Artist

Digital Artist

Digital art is evolving rapidly nowadays, and there are many talented artists offering their high-quality services. The competition is high, and freelance illustrators, photographers, and web designers struggle with finding their clientele. If you also seek a solution on how to enjoy your work and make a decent living, this article is right for you. Let’s find ideas to make money with your digital art.

#1 Work on Freelance Projects

Freelance platforms allow artists to offer their services by providing a resume and . It is your chance to stand out among competitors and prove your proficiency and uniqueness.

You can seek commissioners and offer them your digital art services or wait until someone contacts you. You may be a single project performer, or you may be hired to collaborate on an art project. Artists can find many creative jobs on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

#2 Promote Your Works via Social Media

Today everyone uses social media, and businesses and entrepreneurs find these platforms very useful for promoting their services. An appealing social media page is your calling card that attracts.

You know that every social media platform has certain publication rules to achieve success. Choose your platform and run an account actively, as a strong online presence is a key to success.

#3 Launch Online Courses

Another great solution for making money as a digital artist is to create and sell your art courses. There are many modern tools for generating fascinating online art lessons. It sounds challenging, but if you like your art niche, you can interest others.

You should create video tutorials showing the art creation process. Make your videos short, informative, and engaging. It is possible to promote your lessons via social media and use special platforms where people will buy and take your courses.

#4 Design Stickers

Stickers? Yes, today digital and paper stickers are extremely popular among creative youngsters. Produce your unique stickers using special tools, promote your creation, and make money.

There are many ideas on what to draw and sell. You can depict real people and animals, add funny captions, memes, and more. You, as an artist, will definitely come up with incredible sticker ideas that will sell. It is possible to turn your art pieces into stickers with modern software.

#5 Participate in Art Contests and Grants

Taking part in different art contests will help you enhance your skills and show your abilities to experts and potential clients. Besides, winners get considerable remuneration and fame. You can find plenty of online contests on the Internet, focusing on specific themes, styles, ages, or areas. 

Applying for a grant is a good option for developing your craft and getting money for your own business. It’s not easy to win a grant, but you should self-improve to prove that you are worthy of being first.


Digital artists can be rich, and now you know how to make good money with your art pieces.

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