Breast Augmentation- How The Procedure Is Performed?


Breast augmentation is the procedure in which the implant is placed behind the tissue or under the chest. The implant is mainly the form of the sac filled with the silicon get that improves the size of the breast of the muscles. To go through breast implants Manhattan, a person should have an idea of the procedure that he can follow.

Now we will discuss the various steps in detail:

  1. Anesthesia

The first step performed in cosmetic surgery is to provide anesthesia to the patient as this will not make the person feel the pain that he has to bear during the time of the surgery.

The person mainly has two options: they can go for intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The person will get the right option for the person as per the history that the person has related to the health.

  • The cut 

No matter which kind of surgery a person goes through, incisions are always part of the surgery. There is a variety of incision options that is available for the person.

The patient can discuss with the doctor and select the procedure that will be best for them as per the results they wish to have.

  • Placing the breast implant

Once the cut is applied at the place, then the person can place the breast implant. There are mainly different options available to place the implant:

  • Under the pectoral muscle is the first place to place the implant
  • The second option is to directly put it behind the breast tissue over the pectoral muscles.

Out of the two options, which one will be used by the person depends on the type of the implant that the person is using. As there are different implants available, a person can go for the one that will give the best results reasonably.

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  • Closing the incision

At this step, after implants are fitted at the right place, the person does the closing of the incision. Then after this, the surgical tape is just applied to the place.

The person will notice that these incision marks will fade as time goes by, and the person will not realize that he has gone through the procedure. The fading of the marks will depend on genetics and the amount of the infection in the body.After the person goes through the complete procedure, they will get instant results.

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