How to Paddle a Kayak

How to Paddle a Kayak 1

Did you know that the portable kayak market is likely to grow over $7 million between 2020 and 2024?

It isn’t hard to see why. Kayaking is a fabulous warm-weather activity that’s easy to learn. In due time, you may even become an expert.

Keep reading to learn how to paddle a kayak!

The Right Kayak Paddle

First, you’ll need to buy a kayak. Splashy McFun knows exactly where you can find an Inflatable Kayak for Sale.

Next, you’re going to need to find the correct size paddle. This will depend on both your height and the length of your paddle.

The length of your paddle will also depend on what kind of kayaking you want to do. Use a longer paddle for creeking and river running. If you’re doing freestyling or playboating, opt for a shorter paddle.

Additionally, there are some variations in how the paddle is crafted. It will have either matched paddles or feathered paddles. Some paddles are even asymmetrical, and most blades are concave. 

Kayak Paddling

Now that you have the right size paddle, you’ll need to learn how to hold it. 

First, wrap your hands around the paddle with your palms facing downward and the blades pointing at the water.

If you have asymmetrical blades, make sure the shorter sides point at the water. If the blades are concave, have the curves facing you.

The Paddler’s Box

So you know how to hold the paddle, but you want to make sure everything is centered. To test this, lift the paddle over your head. Adjust your arms so that they form 90-degree angles.

Now, lower your arms. Your body, arms, and paddle form the “paddler’s box.” Maintaining this shape during kayak paddling will help you keep your form. Make sure you keep your hands relaxed so you don’t strain muscles.

Keep in mind that you’re mostly using your index finger and thumb when paddling a kayak. Relax the rest of your fingers.

Paddling A Kayak

Paddling a kayak isn’t just about your arms. You need to put your back and abdomen into it, too. Rotate your torso with each stroke to keep your arms from straining. Don’t forget your “paddler’s box” here.

For a forward stroke, dip the paddle into the water at toe-level. Remove the paddle when it reaches where your hips are. A stroke of this length will help you navigate straightly.

How to Control A Wild Kayak

Let’s say you find yourself in some choppy water. Knowing how to control a wild kayak will certainly come in handy, not to mention keep you safe. 

Focus your strength in your legs when paddling a kayak in rough waters. The ideal posture is leaning forward with your hands wider on the shaft. Be aware of how your weight influences which way the kayak turns.

Knowing how to control a wild kayak won’t likely be a concern if you’re a beginner, though. Beginner kayaks are usually heavy. Lighter vessels are usually for more experienced people.

How To Paddle A Kayak

Learning how to paddle a kayak is one of the best ways to spend your time this summer. Kayak paddling is a doable sport for most, and a great way to stay in shape.

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