5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service 1

If your company provides some type of service in a facility, your business model will always include maintaining a clean facility for your customers.

The question is: where do you start? If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services, knowing what to ask is as important as knowing who to hire.

Here are a few things to consider and ask when you’re ready to hire a commercial cleaning service for your business.

1. What Are Your Rates?

When looking for a commercial cleaning service, you want to make sure that they are affordable and reliable. Ask around for recommendations and then check out their rates.

Once you’ve found a few that fit your budget, take a look at their reviews of professional cleaners online and see what other customers have had to say about their experience.

2. What Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Do You Offer?

When looking for a commercial cleaning service like phs.co.uk, it is important to ask what professional cleaning services they offer. Most companies will offer a basic cleaning package that includes sweeping, mopping, and dusting.

However, there are some companies that offer additional services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and power washing. Be sure to ask about these services before hiring professional cleaners.

3. What Are Your Hours of Operation?

One of the first things you should look for in a professional commercial cleaning service is their hours of operation. You will want to make sure that they are able to clean during the hours that you are closed.

This way, you can have a clean space when you open in the morning. Another thing to look for is whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be happy with the results.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

This is important in case of any accidents or damage to your property. When looking for professional commercial cleaning services for your business, you want to make sure that they have the proper cleaning insurance.

This is important for two reasons. First, if something gets damaged while they are cleaning, you will not be held liable. Second, if one of their employees gets hurt while on the job, you will not be held liable.

While most commercial cleaning services are insured, it is always best to learn more before hiring them.

5. Do You Have Any References?

Ask for references from past clients to get an idea of their work. A reputable company should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied customers.

Then, ask for references from businesses similar to yours in size and type. It is also important to find out how long their professional commercial cleaning services have been in business and whether they are bonded and insured.

Get a free estimate and compare prices before you make a final decision. 

Don’t Settle with Mediocre Cleaning

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service, be sure to ask these crucial questions. Remember to ask about their experience and qualifications. Make sure they are properly licensed and insured.

By asking these questions, you can be sure to hire reputable and reliable commercial cleaning services.

Were these tips helpful? Looking for more answers? We’ve got you covered. Check out our other posts today to learn all you can!

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