5 Compelling Reasons Everyone Should Watch Master of None

5 Compelling Reasons Everyone Should Watch Master of None 1

Master of None is considered one of the most culturally influential shows from the last decade. At its peak, as many as 3.9 million people were watching the show. 

The show has been around since 2015, and Master of None season 3 was released in 2021. 

Have you watched this great show yet? If not, these are five reasons why you should watch this show. 

1. Aziz Ansari 

Being the creator, director, writer, and producer of the show, Aziz Ansari has his hands all over this show. Before he created this show, he was famous for his role as Tom on Parks and Recreation. 

The show’s first two seasons focus on a more realistic version of himself with a character named Dev Shah. He plays an early 30s Indian actor who is trying to make it in New York City. 

However, you get to see his playful humor, tackling serious discriminatory issues, and focusing partially on his character’s romantic life.

This show allows you to see Ansari in a whole new light compared to his past roles. 

2. Diverse Casting 

One unique thing about this show is the diverse casting. Ansari obviously plays the lead role in the Master of None cast as an Indian American. 

Then, Lena Waithe plays Denise, who is an African American lesbian on the show. The third season of the show even switches focus to having Denise as the main character rather than Dev. 

Eric Wareheim plays Arnold, who is Dev’s “token white friend” on the show. Kelvin Yu plays Brian, who is also Dev’s friend and an Asian American. 

3. Tackling Serious Issues 

Master of None does a good job at tackling serious issues that are not always discussed on other shows. Some of these include the struggle of immigrant parents, being openly homosexual around family, the difference between being a man and a woman, plus racial discrimination in the TV world. 

If you like shows that are not afraid to confront social issues, this is one of the better shows at approaching it. 

4. Emmy Awards 

The show has proven its quality with several Emmy nominations and awards. Ansari has won an Emmy for best actor in a television series in the past. 

Two specific episodes in the show won an Emmy for outstanding writing in a comedy series. The first one was in the first-season episode called “Parents,” and the second time was in the second-season episode called “Thanksgiving.” 

5. Relatable Lifestyle 

The first two seasons focus on mostly regular life in New York as a late 20s or early 30s adult. It discusses romantic life for someone that age and what it takes to feel like you are ready to get married. 

Then, other issues are discussed, such as chasing your dreams and taking a leap of faith to get those dreams. 

Watch Master of None 

These are five of the best reasons to watch Master of None. You can watch Master of None on Netflix and enjoy the cast, serious topics, and relatability. 

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