Advantages and the Beauty of Natural Hardwood Decking’s

Advantages and the Beauty of Natural Hardwood Decking's

There are several options available when designing a deck. The most prevalent materials on the market are natural wood and wood composites.

Although some individuals prefer one over the other, there are other compelling reasons to pick a hardwood deck like Ipe, Teak, Merbau, Cumaru, Garapa, or Ironwood for your future deck.

Natural Take a look and feel

Appealing to the eye – Hardwood decking comes in a variety of natural graining and colour options. Unlike composites, they not only look and feel natural, but they also transmit warmth and cosiness, providing a wide range of decking options.

Environmentally friendly and safe

Hardwood decking, unlike treated wood and wood composites, is a natural product that is devoid of dangerous chemicals. It is healthy, safe for children to play on, and environmentally friendly.

Low Intensity

Hardwood is a fairly low-maintenance material. If you don’t want the colour to fade, all you need is a UV finisher to protect it from doing so. The silvery grey sheen of worn wood requires relatively little upkeep.

Naturally Resistant to Rot and Bugs

Even if the decking becomes wet, you won’t have to worry about dampness or rotting. Hardwoods have natural oils that protect them from fungus, insects, and termites.

Durability and Strength

The tropical hardwood decks are extremely durable and sturdy due to their high density, and their movement is limited due to their ability to adjust to weather changes. This makes them ideal for high-traffic places such as wharfs, roof top decks, green spaces, parks, swimming pools, and backyards, as well as commercial and public venues.

Tropical Hardwood Decking Benefits

  • Natural wood timber comes in a variety of species
  • Wide range of naturally occurring colours
  • Durable, insect rotting resistant
  • Lower initial investment
  • Can sand away scratches, dents, or worn areas
  • Re-stain to make them look as good as new
  • Life expectancy of 40+ years with proper maintenance
  • 100% recycled

What’s Next in Deck Construction?

When these variables are considered, hardwood decks provide several advantages that are worth considering for your new deck. They are not only attractive and natural-feeling, but they are also healthy.

Customized Solutions

For personalised interior, exterior, and structural solutions, architects and designers turn to Wood Ideas. The firm creates sustainable solutions alongside the customer, utilising the inherent beauty of wood.

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