Hurt in a Car Accident? Do These 5 Things Right Away!

Hurt in a Car Accident? Do These 5 Things Right Away! 1

About six million car crashes occur across the US every year. As a result, about 90 people lose their lives each day. Another three million are injured while two million sustain permanent injuries.

Knowing what to do if you’re hurt in a car accident could help you fight for compensation after the fact. Otherwise, neglecting to complete the right steps might impact your ability to file a personal injury claim.

Not sure how to document a car accident? Read on to discover the five steps you need to complete after a crash. 

1. Move to Safety

If your car is still safe to drive, try to move to an area nearby. Make sure you move beyond the flow of incoming traffic.

If your vehicle is leaking fluids or a tire was damaged, don’t risk moving your vehicle. Instead, wait for police to arrive on the scene. They’ll tell you how to proceed.

As you move to a safe space nearby, try to remind yourself of what to do if you’re hurt in a car accident. It’s important to remain calm. Otherwise, you might do or say something that can hurt your personal injury claim. 

2. Call the Police

You’re legally obligated to call the police after a car accident in some states. If you’re unaware of your state laws, call anyway. 

When the police arrive to take your statement, stick to the facts. Don’t embellish or assign blame for the crash.

Then, ask the police for a copy of their official police report. Your car accident lawyer will need their report to build your case. 

3. Gather Information

Before leaving the scene of the car accident, gather information, including:

  • The driver’s name, phone number, and address
  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle information (car make, model, year, license plate number)
  • The names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Video and photo evidence

When speaking with the other driver, don’t apologize or assign blame. Instead, document the car accident before completing these next steps. 

4. Call the Insurance Company

Don’t hesitate to call your insurance company. They’ll help you file your personal injury claim.

Unfamiliar with the process? Here’s everything you need to know about settling a personal injury claim with an insurance company. Understanding the process now could help you avoid potential missteps in the future. 

5. Contact a Lawyer

Call a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents right away. They’ll help you fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

In the meantime, keep track of property damages, doctors appointments, and other fees associated with the crash. Gathering this evidence will help your lawyer determine your total losses. 

Do These 5 Things After You’re Hurt in a Car Accident ASAP

Don’t miss the chance to fight for the compensation you’re rightfully due. Instead, use these tips if you’re hurt in a car accident. Following these steps will help you gather the evidence you need for your claim. 

Then, you won’t have to worry about covering your losses out of pocket.

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