5 Bicycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Have you ever thought about trying to ride your bike in traffic? Are you a reluctant road bicyclist and want to know how to stay safe out there on the road? 

It seems you can never be too careful about riding your bike, especially around cars. In 2019 alone, there were 1,089 bicycle fatalities, with over 700 being car-accident related. 

So, don’t become a statistic! If you plan to ride your bike on the road, you need to get to know a few important bike safety tips that could save your life. Here’s an introduction to five cyclist safety measures to keep in mind.

1. Wear Safety Protection

You probably grew up with a parent saying things like, “Wear your helmet!” when you headed out the door with your bike or skates. So we’ll give you credit and assume that you’ve already bought a good-fitting helmet to wear.

But how about other types of protection? If you’re planning to ride your bike on the road, consider using knee pads and elbow guards.

They’ll protect you from road rash and broken joints, which could be extremely painful and expensive to fix. A good set should cost around $50 to $75. It’s a small amount to pay in exchange for avoiding costly medical bills.

2. Tie Up Your Pants Leg

The last thing you want is a bad bike crash caused by getting literally tangled up with your bike. Use a rubber band or strap to secure your right pants leg and keep it from getting stuck in the pedal chain.

3. Be Super Visible

Standing out on the road as a bicyclist can save your life. Always wear bright-colored clothing and/or a safety vest with reflection tape. 

You can also buy clip-on flashing reflector lights to increase your visibility at night. And with LED strip lighting, it’s possible to outline your bike tires and bike frame in contrasting colors so nobody will miss you! 

It’s a no-brainer. You can avoid having to call a bicycle accident attorney for legal help, and months of pain and physical therapy by simply staying super visible on the road.

4. Get to Know Your Route Before You Go

To hesitate or not hesitate? Hesitating might be harmless when you’re in bike rider mode, but it might also happen at the worst possible time and cause an accident.

Here’s some secret safety advice. You’re more likely to make stupid mistakes if you don’t know where you’re going. So check out your route before you head out on the road with an online mapping app.

5. Use a Mirror

If you plan to be on the road with cars and other bike traffic, get a mirror for your helmet so you can see what’s coming up behind you. You can also add mirrors to your handlebars for an extra layer of protection. 

Don’t Wait to Use These Bike Safety Tips

We’re sure these bike safety tips will make a lot of sense the first time you give them a try. Don’t risk getting hurt by taking off on your bike without following precautions. Be a smart cyclist and use these biking tips to stay active for the long term!

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