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2022 brings us a different summer, but luckily without doing without the best terraces and restaurants where you can have good paella or even where you can have some tapas accompanied by a beer. 

That yes, the conditions change, the security space is important to avoid the transmission of the virus. Discover the best solutions to separate spaces or what are the best restaurant chairs for both indoors and outdoors. Do not lose it!

Tips for choosing the best chairs for design restaurants

We are experiencing a social change, which is why it is the ideal time to give our establishments a new look, leaving the relevant space between tables to avoid contagion and transmission of the virus. But also to create quiet, relaxing environments, where diners feel safe. For this, the choice of furniture is essential and one of the essential pieces of furniture in any restaurant or terrace is its chairs.

In addition, you must assess the following aspects:

  1. Space where we want to place it.
  2. Value its functionality; custom made chairs more typical of small terraces or beach areas is different than a perfect pouf for large spaces where we want customers to find comfort, or comfortable armchairs typical of sophisticated cafes.
  3. Keep in mind both the design of the pieces and their size, very important to find the perfect chair.
  4. The material is also an important aspect. If you want to achieve a cozy atmosphere, wood is your best bet. For those looking for something more sophisticated and modern, they can try alloys or combinations of various materials with methacrylate.

How to choose the best chairs for restaurants?

Restaurant chairs are considered, as we said before, part of the basic furniture in a business like this. So it is important to take the time to make a good choice of them. We can find a wide variety of restaurant chairs from the best chair manufacturers and taking into account the design, colors, textures and materials.

  1. Difference between chairs for indoors and outdoors , since the material will be completely different since on terraces it must be resistant to wind, humidity, sun, rain and in general to climatic changes.
  2. Choose quality chairs made of resistant materials, that combine with the decoration and that are durable.
  3. Think about the environment, did you know that some brands have a line of products and chairs for restaurants made with recycled plastic, mostly extracted from the sea? If you want to take care of our planet as much as we should protect the immune system, use recycled furniture.
  4. Do not forget about good design to create an elegant and unique environment. Of course, remember that customers have to use it, that is, the more comfortable the better so that the public feels at home.
  5. The functionality of the chairs is very important.
  6. There are also models of chairs for restaurants that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is the case of a material such as polypropylene, for example, very practical because it can be used indoors and outdoors, making dual-use products.

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