A quick guide to choose swimsuit for your body

Best Swimsuit

The holidays are approaching and it’s time to get away from snacks, buy a new swimsuit that helps delineate your silhouette, as well as hide our imperfections. For you to achieve this, in this article we will give you five tips to look spectacular in the sea or the pool.

1.  Choose the bikini according to your silhouette

If you are voluptuous, choose solid colours, the upper part must have a large cup and good support. If you are not so curvaceous, make sure that the bottom of your bikini has some detail that creates a visual field of curves. And for those with little bust, strapless swimsuits are ideal because gravity will give the feeling that there is something where there is not.

2. Colours 

 If you are wide above and below, always remember that your enemies are white, fluorescent colours, flowers, or large prints. Forget about them! One-piece and one-tone suits will be your best allies. Black always stylizes your silhouette.

3. Accessories 

 If you have cellulite or sagging legs, you can use custom lingerie. In order not to cover too much and show off your bikini well, you can use fabrics or translucent ones. Other options are short skirts or shorts, which you can wear open to look more sensual. Get Try to contrast the colour with the bottom of your bikini.

4. Clothing 

 If you have abundant hips, a good tip: stay away from the boy shorts (wide in the hip) and the Brazilian style dental floss. Play by combining printed tops and discreet bottoms, without brooches and in a single tone, to draw attention to the upper part of the body and hide the lower part. High leg cuts are more flattering than low cuts.

5. Control:

 If you are a little overweight, look for a one piece swimsuit from the best swimwear manufacturers with a panel that controls and compresses the abdomen, preferably with dark diagonal striped prints that help define the silhouette.

Remember that the most important thing is to project security. Forget the stereotype of the perfect woman. All women have flaws, attributes and particularities but what makes us attractive is our attitude. And you, does the swimsuit outline your silhouette?

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