How To Budget for a Trip to Miami

How To Budget for a Trip to Miami

Miami is well known as one of the greatest cities to explore in America, but it is also known as one of the more expensive ones, too. If you are on a budget, though, this does not mean you have to miss out on visiting Miami; you just have to get a little more financially savvy about it.

This piece will offer some advice on how you can budget for a trip to Miami, so you can have a brilliant time and still come away with a few dollars in the bank.

Avoid the Popular Beach Areas

While it can be particularly tempting to visit the famous beaches that we have seen in movies, TV shows, and on celebrity Instagram feeds over the years, Miami Beach and South Beach are some of the most recognizable. If you are keeping a tight grip on the purse strings, it could be worth researching affordable things to do in Miami.

Yes, Miami has beautiful beaches, but thankfully, there’s more than enough to go around without the price tag. If you visit the popular beach areas, you will find the prices for everything are vastly inflated compared to those less seen in the media. You might find the beaches crowded, the food expensive, and the accommodation extortionate, but you can still get yourself a medium-priced cocktail if you plan ahead.

Research Accommodation

Many of us have heard the saying that if it is too good to be true, then it probably is, and this is worth bearing in mind when choosing accommodations in Miami. While you do not want to fork out extra money just for the cache of a recognizable name, you also do not want to end up in an area that might not be as safe or welcoming. Make sure to research areas before you go looking for a hotel deal, and if you do find somewhere with a good price, make sure it is an area that is recommended for tourists and that you do not end up in a place you are going to be unsafe, uncomfortable, or in potential danger.

Do Not Drive Around the City

If you have driven to Miami, it is best to leave your car at the accommodation, as getting around the city is much easier and more cost-effective on foot and via public transport than driving. Parking can be a nightmare to find, but if you do finally get a space of your own, you are looking at some hefty parking charges. Because of this, it is much cheaper to use the Metrorail and Metrobus in Miami or even hire yourself a bike to cycle around on.

Not only will any of these be a far lower cost option than driving, but it takes the stress out of worrying about where to park the car, if you can have a drink, or how much time you are allowed in one specific space.

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