Finding the Path to Fun: How to Start Roller Skating

Finding the Path to Fun: How to Start Roller Skating 1

If you’re looking to pick up something that isn’t only fun but a great workout too, consider roller skating! Since it uses 80% of your body’s muscles, it can burn up to 650 calories per hour

If you’re a total beginner, then you might wonder how to get started. While it can feel overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. Read this guide on how to start roller skating in no time and have a blast while doing it! 

Pick New Roller Skates has some great ideas for high-quality options when it’s time to buy roller skates. You’ll want to decide between roller skates and rollerblades. While roller skates have two sets of wheels on each side, rollerblades have the wheels in a row. 

Roller skates tend to be easier to balance on than rollerblades. Before you begin, you’ll want to know where your brakes are and how to use them. Most outdoor roller skate wheels australia skates have top stops whereas rollerblades have heel stops. 

Wear Protective Gear

Wear thick socks to protect your feet from blisters when breaking in new roller skates. Consider wearing a helmet, knee pads, and wrist pads to protect yourself from injuries. Whether you’re on a rink or outside, these items will keep you more protected. 

Find Support

If you’re not comfortable roller skating, consider going with a friend. For roller skating at the rink, you can hold onto the side until you feel more comfortable. Hold onto your partner’s hand if they’re a confident skater to help you balance. 

Bend Your Knees

Don’t straighten your knees. Keep your knees bent as you go. This will give you more balance. When you need to stop, do so slowly. Try not to break too quickly. 

Practice performing a plow stop (where you spread your feet out wider than your hips). There’s also the heel brake stop. 

Place your weight on one leg and bend your knee as you balance. Roll the other skate (brake on the heel) in front of you and use the brake. Let it slide along the ground. There are other braking methods, so find which works best for you. 

A toe stop is one of the most common methods. Lean forward as you press the toe stop onto the ground. If you press too hard, it’ll stop you suddenly. Press it slightly to slow down at a standard pace. 

What Size Roller Skates to Use

Roller skate sizing is similar to your regular size. Check the sizing chart just in case. Find out whether the roller skates are in Men’s or Women’s sizing. 

You don’t want the roller skates to be tight or loose. A good pair will be snug but comfortable. For loose pairs, you can use thicker socks. 

Use tall socks for higher skates to keep them from rubbing on your ankles. This is more important when you’re trying to break the skates in. 

Use the Proper Posture

If you can’t stand still with roller skates, practice moving slightly to keep your balance. Try walking like a duck to become more comfortable on your skates.

Keep squatting to maintain your balance. Keep your body over your heels. Don’t place your center point on your heels, as this will cause you to fall backward. 

Once you’re more comfortable, you can begin taking longer strides. The harder you push, the further you’ll slide. 

Practice Gliding

Practice each stride until you feel more comfortable going further. Glide on one foot while having the other in the air. This will prevent it from getting in the way while you’re gliding. 

Practice turning and see how it feels. Shift your body toward the direction that you’re turning. 

As you move your legs faster, you’ll be able to glide further. Lean into your gliding to push more of your body weight into it.

Your arms will help you keep your balance. Bend at the elbows to help keep your balance. 

Practice Turning

Cross one skate over the other and push off in the new direction. If you’re turning left, you’ll cross your right skate over the top of your left skate. 

Your body needs to be facing toward the left as well. Push off with your right skate toward the left direction. Keep your knees bent and lean into the turn. 

Backward Skating

Place your toes together into a V position. Keep your heels away from each other. Keep your body in a squatting pose and place pressure on the right toe as your left foot glides to the back. 

Place the left foot on the ground with pressure for the right skate to lift. This will allow you to move backward.

Try it slowly before you increase momentum. Look behind you to be sure that you won’t knock into anything or anyone. Practice looking and ensure that you’re keeping your balance. 


Once you’ve been skating for a good while, you can try jumping. Once you have momentum, place your feet close together as you squat. 

Jump a short distance. Before you jump further, ensure that you’re comfortable with it. Once you master jumping you can try other moves such as spinning, turning, etc. 

Beginners Edition: How to Start Roller Skating

After exploring this guide on how to start roller skating, you should be ready to get started. Take your time and don’t rush to learn different tricks until you’re completely comfortable roller skating.

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