Top 10 Web Design Trends in San Antonio, TX This 2022

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What will be the biggest web design trends this year? The one thing that constantly evolves are the trends when it comes to web design and it could be frustrating as a business owner that has a website to constantly have to keep up with the different trends. That is what a web design service in San Antonio, TX could help you with. What will be the biggest web design trends this year? And how to get creative ideas for web design and get web design inspiration? Your creatives need to prepare for web design, so here are the top 10 web design trends of 2022.

  • 3D elements

3D only started late last year, and it is only the beginning. As we carry this wonderful trend to this new year, it would give you the chance to explore more of what you could do to all of the different 3-dimensional elements while using it effectively and aesthetically. This would give a new meaning to “minimalism” as you challenge what 3D elements could do while adding to the cleanliness and elegance of your design.

  • “Minimalistic” and Clean designs

Last year, retro designs and maximalist designs were the trends where you would see so many colors and shapes all around which tend to be overwhelming but eye-catching at the same time. This year, minimalistic, clean, and delicate designs are more in but don’t make it too minimalist. 

Make sure that there are still some dynamics, but make it less crowded, more sophisticated, and more refined. It’s like the black and white era, except adding a bit more pop of color.

  • Interactive interactions

Making your website interactive would keep your visitors entertained, encouraging them to stay on your website for a lot longer, adding to the web traffic that would help you in your search engine ranking, and make other people see your website once they search up anything that involves your keywords.

  • Layouts that are Symmetrical

You have to make sure that everything in your website has a purpose and has balance. The asymmetrical layout was also a trend last year, but this year we are going with simple. You have to make sure that everything is balanced, from the image, typography, and grids. This would make sure that your customers are paying attention to the thing you want them to pay attention to, while somehow telling a story between words and images.

  • Blurry effects

Adding blurry effects to your website, may it be from the pictures and adding blurry parts on your website, would give kind of a mysterious/retro vibe. It would also intrigue your visitors since it would make it appear vaguer and intrigue your customers so they would find a way to find out what you are hiding since curiosity is in a man’s nature.

  • Surrealist visual

Putting in something that your customers had never seen before would help since they are going to constantly come back to your website to see what new thing you have in there. This could be done by adding pictures and adding them with some of your interactive elements. But this won’t work if it is not done right, so seek their input and check their reviews to see if it is working.

  • Earthy colors

Last year, bold and neon colors were the trend, but this year we are focusing more on earthy colors with a little kiss of neon for a pop of color. This would bring in a subtle tone to your website while catering to the elegance that you are trying to achieve. 

  • Typography

Modern fonts like serif fonts are something that is wiggling its way to the front of the trends, besides it is other fonts like Times New Roman, and Georgia- basically anything that you notice has a tip at their edge since it’s more on the elegant side. 

  • High-quality pictures of real people

Animation and doodles were a thing of the past. Putting pictures of real people on your website makes your business feel like you are really catering to your customers. In a way, it shows them that you care about them and that you are really there to cater to their needs, adding more diversity to all the different backgrounds, ages, races, cultures, and sexuality and ensuring their inclusivity. We are starting to really embrace everyone, and it is important that you show your support through your website.

  • Fluid Colors

You could blend some colors and use them in your branding to make you have this unique look instead of using just solid colors. This could be eye-catching and make your brand easy to remember. Use these colors on your logo, website backgrounds, logos, and your theme in your social media to kind of mark it as your own.

Website owners seem intimidated, scared, and overwhelmed because of the fast-changing trends of website designs that they constantly have to follow, but when you hire a web design company to help you with this, it would be much easier for you, and you would be able to go and concentrate on other things.

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