Creative Photography: How to Shoot Sizzling Pictures

Creative Photography: How to Shoot Sizzling Pictures 1

We share 3.2 billion images on social media each day. You need creative photography skills to stand out.

Images are one of the best ways to market products. But if you’re shooting like everyone else, you’re lost in the crowd.

We can teach you how to take unique photos. You need to practice these photography tips to make them yours. Be bold: photography is art.

Read on for your creative photography guide.

Creative Photography for Product Photos

Try soft, hard, high-key, and low-key lighting. Place your light source at varying distances from your subject. Use colored light, odd white balance settings, and shadows to show off your product. 

35mm and 50mm focal lengths work well for product photos. Prime lenses give you wider apertures and shallower depths of field. Pair your product with a background; blend patterns, contours, and colors for effect.

Turn Out the Lights

There’s nothing new under the sun, so shoot in the dark. Grab a tripod and take night exposures of cityscapes. Light trails catch the eye, and you can use them to lead viewers into great photos.

Take your flashgun off, cover it with color, and flash objects. Turn your tripod to the sky and take a long exposure to the stars.

Creative tools like the EG18 Smoke Grenade take things to the next level. Team up your smoke with a colored flash. Use long exposures and light trails for eye-popping visuals.

Get Up Close With Macro

Macro photography creates worlds within our world. Razor-sharp details, pastel colors, soaked in bokeh. Invest in a macro lens and your backyard becomes an alien world.

Turn your macro eye to everyday objects. Macro makes patterns, textures, and tiny details into focal points.

Take macro wedding photos of objects that symbolize the event. Rings, cake decorations, champagne bubbles.

Try the tip of a fountain pen, oozing ink. Capture steam wafting from your coffee cup. Catch the inner element of a bulb as you flick it on.

Add a Touch of the Abstract

Macro’s psychedelic cousin, abstract photography flips the typical on its head. Zone in on patterns, textures, and contrasting colors. Play tricks with the human eye. 

Take a long exposure and zoom in before the shutter closes. Take double exposures: long shutters, blur, and moving subjects.

Shoot through glass, liquids, ice, anything to refract light into the abstract. Take shots of day-to-day objects from alien angles. Use photographic flaws, like grain, to create a new view of the mundane.

Shoot a View Humans Seldom See

Zoom lenses are tools. But they are inferior to movement. Get up high, down low, climb, crawl, whatever, to get a perspective striking to the eye.

We all know what things look like from eye level. Spend time at a location and explore it from all possible angles. 

Drones can take great photos from a bird’s eye view. But once you know how to take unique photos, your viewfinder is all you need.

Snap: That’s a Wrap-Up

We hope our creative photography tips helped things click. Experiment your way to images that get people talking. Shoot at night, from high and low, with macro, flash, and never fear the abstract.

Blend these tips and take what you need. Invent your own. That’s what creative photography is all about.

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