5 Steps You Need to Take After a Drug Possession Charge

5 Steps You Need to Take After a Drug Possession Charge 1

Being charged with drug possession can have some serious consequences that impact the rest of your life. However, there are over one million cases each year, and there is some hope if you find yourself in this position. 

If you’ve been charged for drug possession, it’s important that you take the months following your charge extremely seriously. There are steps you can take to either get your charges dropped or to get the severity of the punishment you might face reduced. 

What do you need to do immediately in the wake of this kind of arrest? What can you do to combat drug charges? Read on, and we’ll walk you through the basics.

1. Remain Silent

If you have not yet faced arrest but know that a charge is coming, this is an important one to keep in mind. The Miranda Rights you’ve heard about in movies are not just for show; they are a key to your case that you need to keep in mind.

You do have a right to remain silent, and it is a right that you are going to want to exercise. Anything you say to an officer at the time of your arrest can be used against you later.

It’s all too easy to incriminate yourself at this point in time. It’s better to stay polite but otherwise silent and wait until you can get help before answering any questions.

Even if an officer prompts you, remember to refuse to answer questions until you have legal help present. 

2. Get Legal Help

Speaking of that legal help, you’ll want to secure the services of a drug possession lawyer as soon as you can after your arrest. Navigating the justice system can be extremely difficult if you don’t have any experience with it.

Fighting a drug possession charge takes skill and precision, which is why you’ll need to rely on the experience of a trained professional.

An experienced drug possession attorney will be able to look at your case, weigh your options, and build a strategy around your best possible outcome. 

While this kind of help requires an investment, it’s well worth it considering what might be at stake during your case.

3. Pay Bail

If you’re behind bars for your drug possession charge, the first thing on your mind will likely be trying to get out and back home. This is advisable as well, as you’ll be much freer to plan your case while there.

You’ll need to work with your attorney and your family to get the bail money needed to get you back on the streets before your case. In some cases, this might require working with a bail bond agent, who can provide the money you need if you do not have it in your family. 

You’ll also need to make sure you understand how your lawyer intends on getting your payment. You’ll want to ensure you can afford their services and are aware of when you’ll need the money together.

4. Collect Evidence

Your lawyer will help you to create a strategy to combat the drug charges brought against you. If you were wrongfully charged, the attorney will seek out the evidence needed to prove your innocence.

If you are seeking to lessen the severity of your charges, evidence will still need collecting. You’ll be trying to present a case to the judge that shows this was a one-time mistake that you are sorry for and that it won’t happen again.

In either case, you’ll need a lot of supporting material to help prop up your overall thesis. An attorney will have gone through this process many times in the past with other clients. They’ll know exactly what kind of evidence is likely to make an impact in court. 

You might need to help the attorney collect whatever materials are needed. This could be documentation from your life, witness statements from those close to you, or character statements from employers and others within your own community. 

Any material that can be used to help support your case will need to be collected, organized, and made ready to present. 

5. Attend Your Court Case

Your court date is an all-important moment that you need to be sure not to miss. Missing your court date could mean receiving the full extent of the penalty that could be brought against you.

Your attorney will spend a lot of time with you, preparing you for your eventual court case. You should feel well-equipped and confident going into the process. You will present your case and evidence as planned, and your attorney will mostly lead the way.

At the end of the process, the judge will hand down your sentence. If you’ve done a good job at building your case, ideally, it will be the outcome you desire. 

You might be offered a number of programs you can enroll in to help limit the punishment you might face. These are all well worth considering, and you will likely have been briefed on them ahead of time by your attorney. 

Were You Charged for Drug Possession?

Facing charges for drug possession is not a fun position to be in, but it can happen, and being prepared is key.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, it’s important to follow all of the above steps and work towards a positive solution for your case. No one wants to spend time behind bars, and with a strong plan, you might not have to.

Do you need more legal help and aid? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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