6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4

Do you like challenges? Sometimes, the main and side quests aren’t enough to make a game exciting. If you are the kind of Wasteland Gamer who is a completionist, you’ll want to get all the achievements too.

So if that sounds like you, gear up! In this article, we’ll give you a quick glimpse of the six most difficult achievements to get in Fallout 4.


6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 1

Are you ready to stare death in the eye? If not, then chances are you’ll be gritting your teeth over this achievement.

To get this achievement, you need to find a mutant green behemoth called the Super Mutant Suicider. This creature carries a bomb with blinking red lights. His main battle tactic is to charge at you and detonate the bomb.

The best way to get rid of him is to shoot the bomb in his hands, or just avoid him completely. But if you want this achievement, you need to go down with it.

They’re Action Figures

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 2

Looking for a challenge that will take you all over the map? And directly into a variety of hostile encounters? Then this collectible-based achievement is for you. You will need to collect 20 bobbleheads that have been scattered around the Fallout 4 map to get this particular accolade.

Of course, you can definitely cheese it a little by using a guide. But gear up and keep an eye out for enemies. All that traveling around the wasteland is definitely going to catch up to you if you aren’t careful.

These bobbleheads are one of the main icons of the Fallout franchise. Each one offers a unique combat boost or S.P.E.C.I.A.L perk. Also, you can display these bobbleheads on stands across different settlement locations.

Eyes On The Prize

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 3

Take a break from being the main character in a wasteland and hang out in a post-apocalyptic arcade. All you need to do is to go to the Nuka-cade in Nuka-World and win 100,000 tickets.

We recommend scouting the park before you devote your time to the arcade There are a few thousand tickets around the area that can help you get a good head start. One other tip: the easiest way to get this achievement is to play the Bandit Roundup game. You’ll win roughly 1,000 tickets per round.

Make sure to get cozy, because that still means you need to play that game around 100 times.

Islander’s Almanac

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 4

This achievement is in the Far Harbor DLC. It’s another collectible-based achievement. You need to find all five issues of the Islaner’s Almanac magazine. While they do offer some perks once found, you need to go through a lot just to get them.

Far Harbor is a high-risk location with plenty of dangerous creatures roaming around. Users have also reported experiencing glitches that made this achievement twice as hard to get. One prevents the magazines from spawning. Another glitch does not recognize a found magazine, so you need to drop it and pick it up multiple times.

Benevolent Leader

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 5

This base game achievement will take plenty of time and attention. To obtain it, you need to reach maximum happiness within a large settlement.

Fallout 4 has incredibly intricate settlement mechanics. First, you need to develop your settlement properly. This will entail plenty of beds, amenities, turrets, and food storage. Once it is considered large, you need to think of providing entertainment and quality of life necessities over a prolonged period.

The Harder They Fall

6 Toughest Achievements in Fallout 4 6

If you are looking for an achievement that will test the limits of your combat abilities, this is the one for you. To get this achievement, you need to kill five giant creatures.

There are a variety of giant creatures roaming around the wasteland. They often possess powerful combat abilities to go with their massive size. The main giants are the four Behemoth creatures scattered through Fallout 4, the Mirelurk Queen, and the Swan.

Out of these creatures, you can defeat the Mirelurk Queen as part of a quest. The mere thought of going up against five skilled enemies may intimidate you, but it should not be a problem if you already know how to play the game.


Good luck and happy gaming! These achievements are bound to test you and push the limits of your capabilities. Nothing really compares to that feeling of success once you’ve completed a super tough achievement.

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