New World Beginner’s Combat Guide

Combat Guide

Learn how to move on the battlefield, and what class to follow for your character.

Without a doubt, New World Items spice things up when you’re playing the game. First, there are different ways to change the appearance of your character. You can always look for cosmetics which match your personality, after all, fashion is the true end game. Secondly, depending on the weapons you pick, you’ll indirectly pick a role for your character. For example, you can become the healer of your party if you have the “Life staff” ready.

Last but not least, depending on the types of weapons you pick, the combat is going to change. In New World, things tend to become more active for the player. As a result, you’ll always need to stay focused and deal with any enemy accordingly. Simultaneously, it is you who needs to avoid the attacks and be aware of your surroundings.

In this article, you’ll learn the different techniques that appear in the New World’s combat system. At the same time, we’ll give you hints on how to improve your performance.

New World Beginner’s Combat Guide

Before we dig a little deeper about the New World gaming mechanics, first it would be great if we compare the combat with other games. First, since is an RPG, you’ll notice the similarities when you’re fighting monsters with different levels. Indeed, games like World of Warcraft or any MMO always warn us that we need to avoid dangerous encounters, you’ll need to master these mechanics to farm New World Coins.

Secondly, the “freedom” in your movement, tends to follow the “action” games. Any type of Dark Souls-like combat follows the principle of parrying and dodging upcoming attacks. Therefore, you’ll always have the freedom of movement as you try to avoid damage and keep your health intact.

Lastly, every weapon that you equip comes with levels and unique abilities.  Overall, this is a unique way to represent the New World Items. This time around, you’ll get different skills that might heal you, or give you better defenses.

Additionally, every character that you have in your New World Account, has the potential to equip every weapon in the game. Hence, you could change between archetypes (tank, healer, or DPS), whenever it’s necessary. As a result, you do not need to create multiple characters on the same server and waste countless hours leveling multiple times.

Choose Your Archetype

Depending on the weapons in your hand, you’ll get the chance to make certain moves. At the moment, you’ll find these archetypes in New World:

  • Tank: With many skills that enhance your defenses, you’ll get the opportunity to withstand a lot of damage. Therefore, you’ll have the capacity to receive attacks from multiple sources and keep the party standing. If you want to make yourself a Tank in New World, you might equip weapons such as Sword and Shield, Warhammer, or Great Axe.
  • Healer: If you want to be the heart of your party, this is the best “class” for you. Within New World, you’ll get the opportunity to throw large amounts of healing spells and powerful buffs. Furthermore, since there are no weapon restrictions, you might use a damaging weapon, if you’re trying to gain experience by yourself. Indeed, the only useful New World Items for a healer is the Healing Staff and Void Gauntlet.
  • Melee DPS: Deal devastating attacks to your enemies with powerful abilities and criticals at close range. Since you’re “face to face” with the enemy, you’ll need to pay attention to their attacks and learn when to strike. Furthermore, you’ll get meaningful “crowd control” skills that might give you the upper hand in a battle. To become a Melee DPS, you should opt to equip the Warhammer, Great Axe, or Hatchet.
  • Ranged DPS: Become one of the main damage dealers in the game as you point and click for the enemy’s weak spots. Since you’re in control of the critical strikes, you’ll need to aim your shots accordingly. Furthermore, you’ll get tons of abilities that might help you if someone tries to get closer. For a powerful Ranged DPS build, you could pick between a Bow, Musket, Spear, and Rapier.
  • Magical DPS: Throw spells at your adversaries that might give you advantages in the arena. Like any other RPG, being a magician allows you to shape the battle. For example, you have spells that stop the enemy’s movement or give them debuffs. At the same time, other skills deal a considerable amount of damage. If you want to follow this route, you should add the Ice Gauntlet, Void Gauntlet, and Fire Staff to your arsenal.

Armor in New World

Now that you know a little more about combat, defense is always important. Depending on the type of armor that you equip for your character, you’ll gain different bonuses. For example, if you focus on heavy armor, you’ll get tons of defense points. At the same time, though, your movement and stamina become slow and ineffective. Try the different armor combinations (Light, Medium, and Heavy), and stick with the option that follows your gameplay style.

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