FFXIV: Sage Guide – How To Play

Sage Guide – How To Play

Gain an explicit understanding of the sagely gaming concepts and a detailed guide on playing the Final Fantasy XIV 

The Sage Job – Final Fantasy XIV

The Sage job reflects a different kind of job than any players have seen so far in FFXIV. Instead of fitting into the neat category of eater a healer or a DPS, the Sage plays the role of a barrier healer. When you count, it’s the fourth healer to have been added to Final Fantasy XIV, besides the Scholar, White Mage, and Astrologian. The Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion is here, adding new dungeons, gear, raids, FF14 gil, and systems. Apart from the multiple new features, you can buy FFXIV gil and also have access to a completely new playable Sage job. It was first introduced during Final Fantasy III and was seen again during the Final Fantasy Tactics and players have been anticipating the entry of the Sage class for a long time.

Before you start contemplating on the job break portions, you must not forget to know more about the Sage game and that it has arguably noticeable and much better skill gaps in the Final Fantasy XIV game. An exceptionally efficient Sage shines, but an average Sage probably will be lacking that level of proficiency that is necessary to support respective party members. This should not discourage you; the latest jobs are slow in function, they might take some time to develop and learn, whilst you are on the verge of blasting away your enemies with the help of lasers and keeping up to clutch barriers in minimal order. You should have an FF14 account and must know how to play along with the sage, with some best strategies and practices to become the best healer. 

Unlocking FFXIV Sage

For unlocking sage, you must have Endwalker expansion equipped with one of the disciplines of war or magic at the 70th level of the game. And when you fulfill all the pre-required conditions then the next task is to go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck and converse with Sharlayan Maiden to acquire sage’s path. You will be requiring a sage guide that will be provided to you by Sharlayan, a guide familiar to Eorzea. You might have to invest in order to buy ffxiv Gil to upgrade your item list. 

The Ultimate FFXIV Sage Guide

The main characteristic of the ultimate FFXIV Sage job is none other than the utilization of Somonautics probably as a prerogative to either heal or possibly harm. You must understand that it is a method that blends medicine, sorcery, and aetherology. In a way to bring in nouliths, floating crystals or sages try to manipulate and distract the aether to employ their skills of safety and in a way to fight their enemies. This might look like a complicated job towards the beginning, and it might stress you, but once you start understanding the idea and plans behind the particular job along with its basic skills, you are all set to go.

The upcoming trends in FFXIV glamour and FFXIV mounts are indeed worth trying and interesting. In the game of Final Fantasy XIV, you have two kinds of healers, one that lends direct healing such as the Astrologians and White Mages, and the other is the one that grants obstructions and barriers to different players while they are trying to heal them to a somewhat lesser degree like the Scholar and the Sage lies in the latter segment.

Sages are not that difficult in creating powerful and vehement barriers that negate the approaching damage happening to your team or party, but the job in itself doesn’t give output that is too raw in healing. If you are captivated by the process of healing in the game but are also keen to participate in occurring fights and deal with real damage, undoubtedly the Sage is an apt fit for you.

Final Fantasy XIV Sage Skills 

The role of the Sage is to let not damage happen or to protect it as much as possible, it uses much more strategies in terms of direct healing when a pertinent player is harmed or is in danger. Sages work with three types of healing in common. They are skills in global cooldown healing first, global cooldown barrier healing skills second, and lastly off-global cooldown skills. Apart from these, you also ascertain the magic wars attacks that kind of heals the other players. The skills that you need to use are Kardia, it creates a magic spell that will heal every attack of yours. You can use three other complementary skills: Dosis, prognosis, and diagnosis. Dosis is the main magic attack, prognosis heals the area of effect, and diagnosis heals a single target.

Some other important skills that you get in the ability of FFXIV account are Eukrasia, Addersgall, Druochole, Kerachole, Addersting, Toxicon, and many others. These skills are specialized in different skill sets. Once you master all these skill sets, you are ready to get into a new arena of skills that are even more revived and comfortable for gameplay. 


The FFXIV Sage is not very simple gaming for you, but it is ultimately very captivating. The guide that this article brings out to you makes it evident with various skills and abilities to approach the game. You can start and gradually prosper and acquire definite gaming mechanics. 

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