5 Gift Giving Ideas for new Mothers from Fathers

5 Gift Giving Ideas for new Mothers from Fathers

The transition from being a woman to a mother can be both deeply exhilarating and intensely exhausting experience. It is a common practice to present new mothers with baby gifts. However, after the ordeal the mother goes through during childbirth, she too deserves a little pampering. Opt for gifts that express how deeply overjoyed you are at the new baby’s arrival and, at the same time, gives the new mommy a much-needed confidence boost. You do not necessarily have to splurge to make the new mother feel that you care; you can also convey your heartfelt joy by being thoughtful. Your wife has given you the most beautiful gift of your life; it is time you reciprocate for it by being a gentle and caring husband.

Rejuvenating spa

The real trial for a mother starts only after the baby is born. In all possibility, the new baby is taking up every minute of the mother’s waking moment; she does not have time to take a proper bath, much less indulge in frivolous activities like visiting a spa. Arrange for a rejuvenating spa at home. Put together a gift package that includes all essential spa essence products including body scrub, body butter, bath gel, hair mask, and light scented candles. Throwing in a fluffy bathrobe and super soft slippers will earn you additional brownie points.

Scrumptious cuisines

All through her 9 months of pregnancy, she was denied much of her favourite cuisines. It is time you make up for all the lost time. Present her with a food basket filled with all those eatables that she craved during her pregnancy months. Include everything from assortments of luscious chocolates and rich wines to exotic cheeses and fat loaded fast foods that she loves. Do not forget to slip in a gift certificate from her favourite restaurant.


Give her a gift that she will treasure for the rest of her days. You can put together a scrapbook that documents her progress through pregnancy. Include her pregnancy images, baby’s sonogram, videos and list of baby names; you can scribble small quirky notes by each image. Order for a special pendant with an engraved picture of your new baby and wife.

Delicate flowers

Pregnancy can be a very draining experience, and it is common for new mothers to feel depressed and dejected. Be supportive, give your time and allow her some time off baby chores. New moms need as much rest as the baby; being sleep deprived can make them feel miserable. To brighten up her day and life, present her with a fresh bouquet of exotic flowers every day for the first few weeks. Volumes of unspoken emotions can be expressed with a single stem of flower.

Day out

Take care of your baby for a day, so that your wife can go hangout with her gal pals. It is amazing how instantly energised girls feel by indulging in some retail therapy or treating themselves to a pedicure session. In addition, when your lady returns home after her “fun” day, have a romantic dinner prepared just for the two of you. It will be an ideal way to end her perfect day.

The new mother goes through many fleeting emotions that might take a toll on her mental health as well as her physical condition. It is this time when you, as a partner, need to be by her side and give her utmost support. Send small but delightful surprises with online cake order in Delhi and more. These gestures will ensure a healthy relationship is maintained and established.

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