6 Things You Must Know About Nurse Staffing Agency in Lafayette

Nurse Staffing

Working with a nurses staffing agency can give more opportunities to nurses that’s why more and more nurses are opting to work under one. The Nurse staffing agency in Lafayette is continuously hiring nurses that can bridge the needs in different places. All you need to do is choose an agency that can latch your needs as a nurse. Know more about them before joining one. 

They Offer Local and International Nursing Jobs

Nurse staffing agencies are connected to local and international health facilities. This means if you work under them you can be assigned locally or internationally. As a nurse, getting assigned to a different working environment can help you enhance your skills and get exposed to more setups in a facility. 

They can Offer More Job opportunities to Nurses

Since staffing agencies have more connections the chances of getting assignments are higher compared to when you will be working as an individual. That’s why working with a reputable nurse staffing agency can be a good choice since you can establish job security since they can give you more assignments. 

They Give Higher Hourly Rates

In Lafayette, the average pay of travel nurses is $555 per week. The pay may be affected by the specialization, experience, and skills of nurses. So expect higher pay if you have a specialization, the nurse staffing agency makes sure to give competitive pay to their nurses to get more nurses to cover the needs of their partners. 

They Give Benefits to Their Nurses

Nurse staffing agencies are giving benefits for their nurses once they passed the screening and got hired. They provide housing for their nurses who got assigned to places away from their homes, they also give affordable insurance and travel reimbursements as well with job-related expenses. 

They Assist their Nurses on their Requirements

Nurses who need to be assigned to a compact nursing state will be needing a state license apart from their RN license. In this case, your travel nurse agency will be assisting you in processing your state license as well as other documents you need. 

They Give support to their Nurses During their Assignments

During your assignment, your nurse staffing agency will be acting as your support on whatever you need. You can rely on any concern you encounter while working on your assignment. 

What Are The Pros of Choosing a Nursing Staffing Agency in Lafayette?

More Job Opportunities 

Working with a nurse staffing agency can open you to more job opportunities since they are connected with several health facilities. You can request to get assignments and you can also decline assignments if you think you need to rest. The advantage of getting more jobs would be, you can earn more compared to if you are working as a regular nurse.

Higher Pay

Hourly rate is higher for travel nurses in Lafayette. A nurse can earn equal to the salary of a regular nurse in a year, despite the fact that they don’t have to work full time. Getting more assignments can even exceed the annual salary of a regular nurse.

More Job Schedule Flexibility

The best thing about being a travel nurse is getting to rest when you want to. You can take a vacation anytime you think you need one. This setup is not always possible with regular nursing jobs. Plus you can remain active with your career despite being away for a long time. You don’t need to resign to be able to fulfill a family vacation or to travel. 

How do Agency Nurses Work?

Nurse staffing agencies connect with health facilities that need nurses. They will then hire qualified nurses to pass on to health facilities that need them. They act as bridges between nurses and health facilities. This way both parties can have a more convenient way of finding jobs for nurses and finding nurses to work for the health facilities. 

Having an idea of 6 things you must know about the nurse staffing agency in Lafayette can help you be motivated to work with one since this is a good way to grab the opportunity to get the experience you need in advancing your career as a nurse.

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