5 Gun Safety Tips You Must Remember

5 Gun Safety Tips You Must Remember 1

492 people die of accidental gun deaths every year. Those deaths can almost always be attributed to the holder of the gun not following proper gun safety tips.

The basic rules of gun safety are easy to follow, and they can save lives. By just following these few tips you limit the risk of owning and shooting a gun. Let’s look at the top five things you should know before you try shooting or even holding a gun for the first time.

1. Treat Every Gun As If It’s Loaded

This is the first rule of gun safety for good reason. When you assume that your gun is unloaded, you may be tempted to break other gun safety rules because you think that it’s “safe”. 

Assume that it is never safe to relax your safety measures. When handling a gun, you should act like it’s loaded even if you’re completely sure that it isn’t.

2. Never Point Your Gun At Something You Don’t Want to Shoot

This rule of shooting a gun goes hand in hand with the first. If your gun is loaded (or you assume it to be loaded) then you can also assume that anything you’re pointing it at has the probability to be shot and destroyed.

For that reason, never point your gun at a person. Ever. You never know when a gun may go off and human life is too precious to ever risk losing.

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

When shooting a gun, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re sure that you’re ready to shoot. Like we said earlier, you never know when a gun may go off. One way to prevent premature firing is to make sure that nothing accidentally pulls the trigger even a hair.

If you have your finger on the trigger while holding your gun down, for example, you run the risk of shooting yourself in the leg or your foot. 

4. Look Beyond Your Target

The main thing you should look at when handling a gun is your target. Make sure that you’re aiming and that you truly intend to hit that target.

However, there’s another spot you should look. What is beyond your target? Always keep in mind that you could miss your target and shoot something beyond it. Make sure that there’s nothing beyond your target that you wouldn’t want to get hit such as another person, an animal, or a building.

5. Know How to Use Your Gun

Different types of guns are used differently and take different kinds of ammo. If you’re buying a gun, you need to know everything about using that gun properly. Know how to fill and remove the ammo, how to take it apart, how to store it, and all the risks involved with owning that particular gun.

You should also know about all the gun laws in your area. Look to self defense insurance companies for more guidance and to cover your bases in the case of an accident or event.

Gun Safety Tips Save Lives

These five simple gun safety tips can prevent so many gun accidents from happening. Always treat a gun like it’s loaded. Look where you’re pointing, and never point at something you don’t want to lose. Know the ins and outs of your gun, and always treat it as the dangerous weapon it is.

Want more tips about gun ownership and gun sporting? Check out our sports sections for more articles like this one.

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