MESSI fans all around the world are organizing to gather monies in order to liberate him from his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and return him to FC Barcelona.


Their complaint is that they are fed up with the fact that player signings are contingent on economic conditions. On the weekend of February 12-13, fans of the well-known Reddit community, which recently shook the foundations of Wall Street, launched a fundraiser to gather the sums necessary to purchase Messi’s contract, the legendary FC Barcelona star.

Soccer, which we adore, is no longer alive, and we believe it has lost its significance. The reasoning of a country’s Super Cup being held 7000 kilometers overseas, on a different continent, and away from its supporters is unclear. To be quite honest, at what point did we agree to enable them to rearrange our schedules so that they could start a game at eleven o’clock at night and end it in the wee hours of the morning? Nothing about it makes sense, and it is insulting to the supporters. For the fans, economic decisions that are made just for the sake of profit, while overlooking the fundamentals of what the sport is all about, are no longer rational.

We believe that something must be done, and we intend to do so by taking matters into our own hands. We have the power, and technology allows us to free ourselves from the control of four powerful individuals and return the decisions and distribution of the entire cake to the people who care about it. The chiringuito must be closed down, and soccer must be resurrected.

Soccer, we believe, is about emotion, sentiment, camaraderie, and discussion among players and fans. Let us come back to the significant part: the sport itself. Because of this, we are underestimating the strength of the fans. It is within our control. We have the ability to destabilize entire businesses and alter the way we think about player management if we work together.

Once MESSI’s contract has been acquired, we have developed a mechanism based on blockchain technology to handle it. An administration model founded on openness and supported by the fans themselves, in our opinion, would be far more equitable than the existing system while still preserving its essential character.

Our source of inspiration

Constitution DAO: tens of thousands of individuals banded together to attempt to purchase the United States Constitution at auction. They were unsuccessful, but they were successful in raising more than $40 million in a short amount of time. Through the use of a management mechanism known as DAO.

WallStreetBets: An online community decides to invest in GameStop, a firm that is well-liked by its customers and, most all, is betting against the investment funds that attempted to force the company out of existence. It demonstrated to Wall Street the strength of a coalition including thousands of individuals.


According to blockchain specialists, the project has recently gained their permission and is on track to open its public website this month.

We have received a private investment round to use towards the development of the network that will support the organization and allow the decentralized management model, which is “something similar to an assembly in blockchain,” as we put it. It will consist of multiple rounds of investment until the expected amount of money that will be required is reached: 500 million Euros in total. Although this is an ambitious aim, we have faith in the strength of the united Fans.

Experts in soccer and businesses from Spain and Argentina have expressed an interest in the initiative, and we are working together to develop synchronized action plans. The DAO’s management is decentralized and anonymous, in order to better reflect the collective of fans and for security concerns, respectively. With regard to the soccer industry, it is now our turn to speak. By forming the Release Messi DAO, we the supporters are working to restore order to a sport that has lost its way and is going farther and further away from its roots. We hope to gather enough money to free Messi from PSG and return him to Barça within six months of forming the DAO.

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