How to avoid smudging and fading makeup while wearing a mask?

How to avoid smudging and fading makeup while wearing a mask?

While the pandemic is still ongoing, people are still required to wear face masks outside of their homes. For those who wear makeup, this might be a challenge since not all makeup products are smudge-proof or waterproof. In this article, we’ll be discussing the things you can do for this kind of makeup trouble, we’ve provided a list of what you can do to prevent your makeup from smudging or fading in a day while you’re wearing a mask.

Focus on the eyes

When you’re wearing a mask, only the eyes are seen, so it’s better to take advantage of all the eye makeup you have and give your eye makeup an upgrade. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes more expressive. Try to also experiment with different colors and styles(you can also switch it up according to your mood on that day). At night, you can also try an easy yet expressive smokey eye makeup. You can use waterproof eyeshadow for these looks as well to make sure your makeup stays in place rain or shine.

Invest in long-wearing makeup

There are a lot of available choices in the market for long-lasting makeup. You can choose from six hours or more, depending on what you need. Your base makeup is as important as the colors and finishes, so investing in a long-wearing concealer, primer, foundation, bronzer, and highlighter is an advantage if you spend most days outside and have no time to retouch your makeup. 

Go for smudge-proof lipstick

Even without wearing a mask, having at least one smudge-proof/waterproof lip color is a must. This prevents your lipstick from staining your masks and smudging your lipstick around your mouth while keeping the contour of your lips intact. Smudge-proof lipstick also helps when you’re on a night out where you occasionally eat and drink with friends or loved ones, it keeps your lipstick stay in place without fading for a period of time.

Avoid wearing layers and layers of lipstick

Although having a smudge and waterproof lipstick is useful, you shouldn’t put too much on your lips either. Some lipsticks tend to be sticky and the small fibers of your face mask might cling on to your lips if you have too much on. Applying at least one to two layers will do the trick.

Use a waterproof cream blush

Try to avoid using powders as they do not stick for a long time on your skin, especially when you’re wearing a mask. Try to use a cream blush of your shade and apply as is, it sticks to the skin and when it dries, it gives you natural-looking rosy cheeks.

Use a setting spray

After applying everything on your face, a setting spray is a way to finish. Setting sprays will lock your makeup in for longer. It acts as another protective layer between your makeup and your face mask. Setting sprays make sure all of your makeup is transfer-resistant and gets absorbed by your skin to set everything in place for the rest of your day. 

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