What Is GMP?

What Is GMP? 1

Did you know that 20% of consumers receive a damaged product? No one likes receiving a faulty product that is now unusable and worthless for what you need. It not only reflects badly on the company, but it makes a consumer not want to purchase the product again. 

That’s why quality control protocols exist. They make the company audit their own precedences to make sure they are up to certain standards. One of those standards is GMP or good manufacturing practices. 

If you’re unsure of this standard, don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out all you need to know! From what it is to why it’s important, you can learn why good manufacturing practices are right for your company.  

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at quality standards: 

What Is GMP? 

In short, the good manufacturing practice, or GMP, describes a set of practices designed to help manage the quality of consumer goods safe for human consumption. Meaning that the manufacturing standards apply to food, beverages, cosmetics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. 

However, the manufacturing practice is more than a set of rules; it’s an entire certification proceeding. You see, this certification not only protects customers from damaged goods but helps manufacturers understand the quality and liability of their goods and resources. In fact, some countries won’t even allow the import of specific goods if they haven’t been certified. 

What Are the Risks the Good Manufacturing Practices Protect Against?  

Good manufacturing practices help manage certain liabilities. For instance: 

  • Incorrect labels 
  • Incorrect dosage 
  • Wrong ingredients 
  • Contamination

These risks can endanger a person’s health and even be life-threatening. That’s why a food safety plan is implemented into quality control. 

The GMP ensures that the organization and staff are properly trained and have the correct equipment. That way, companies can make quality products that consumers will want to purchase over and over again. 

Why Is it Important?  

Good manufacturing practices ensure that no errors are made. You see, it prevents faulty products and incorrect packaging. Now, it not only protects customers but also shields manufacturers from potential liability and court cases. 

Plus, GMP saves money. By using these guidelines, manufacturers can catch errors before a product even goes on the market. Meaning that manufacturers can save money on product recalls and PR. Not to mention, government agencies can save money on regulation and enforcement measures since GMP helps guide each company on how to produce a safe and excellent product. 

Use Good Manufacturing Practices Today 

Now, you may think good manufacturing practices are only for large corporations and organizations. However, it’s for any company that sells products for human consumption. In short, it protects the consumer and the manufacturer by certifying the safety and quality of the product. 

Manufacturing practices even ensure organizations train their staff and have the proper equipment. So what are you waiting for? Get GMP certified today!

Now, if you’d like to learn more about the Food and Drug administration, check out our other articles regarding food and health. See you there!

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