Three Simple Tips for Computer Screen Replacement

Three Simple Tips for Computer Screen Replacement 1

Were you busy at work when suddenly your screen went dark? Or did you bump your laptop and now have a screen that’s a maze of incoherent pixels? A broken computer screen easily induces panic, but it will be okay.

Whether your screen is seriously cracked or has gone dark, there are several options you can use. Read on to learn why a computer screen replacement is not a death sentence for your work or your device. 

Diligent Diagnosis

Before you pull off your computer screen in an attempt to fix it, learn what the problem is. Sometimes the screen isn’t broken at all but there is a problem with the computer. Knowing what’s wrong is the first step to fixing it, so take your time investigating before jumping into solutions.

Shine a flashlight on the dark screen to see if you get an image, and if you do, it’s the backlight that’s in trouble. If you have a few pixels that are stuck, you should be able to fix it yourself. But if the problem is bigger than some of these smaller issues, you may need to try one of the options below. 

1. DIY

It is possible to do a screen repair yourself, but you want to make sure you’re confident doing it. Learning how to fix a cracked computer screen can be done by learning online or being taught by someone who works on computers. But the exact skills required will change depending on the device you’re working on.

You might be able to handle a computer screen repair but not an iPad repair. If you don’t think you can do the repair yourself or are likely to do more harm than good, put down your screwdriver. Technology is touchy, so make sure you’re confident in the problem and your solution before you start dismantling your device. 

2. Shop It Out

If you aren’t prepared to do the screen replacement yourself, whether you need an iPad screen replacement or it’s your computer screen, you can take it to a shop.

Letting a professional take a look is always a good idea if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s easy to make problems worse when tinkering yourself. Taking it to a shop will give you an exact diagnosis as well as a cost estimate for the screen replacement, and it will help you determine if it’s even worth it.

3. Replace Over Repair

Sometimes your screen is damaged along with other components. Or it isn’t the screen at all but a much larger problem that is also impacting your image. There will be occasions when the best course of action is to go for a device replacement over a screen replacement. 

The cost of repairs might be more than getting a new device depending on the parts you need replacing and how rare they are. A screen replacement could be the smallest part of the process, so don’t rule out the idea that you might need a new device. 

Calling It in on Computer Screen Replacement

Before you start taking apart your device to perform a computer screen replacement, take your time to find the exact problem. And if you look up a few solutions but they aren’t at your skill level, pass the baton to someone more experienced. 

A screen repair isn’t the end of the world, but it can require a lot of work. So don’t jump in before knowing the issues at hand. And if this helped you better understand what’s at stake with screen replacements, keep reading our articles for more useful tips.

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