Where can I read manhwa (Korean webtoons) online for free 2022?


The term “Webtoon” is a combination of the terms web (Internet) and cartoon (animation). Webtoons are internet-based comics that are a hybrid of comics and animation. The Webtoon genre began in Korea and has grown in popularity by 2014. Webcomic was the original name for online comics in Korea, however, it was eventually changed to Webtoon.

Webtoon’s material is as diverse as comic books, with genres ranging from comedy to romance to horror to criminal psychology.

Due to the specificity of online comics, the design is also different from regular comics. Users may easily scroll up and down when reading stories on mobile phones thanks to the vertical style of online comics. Some stories also add animations, 3D, sound effects, and background music to stimulate the reader’s imagination, creating a trend of layout for comics later in Korea.

If you are interested in this type of manhwa, you can find some famous Webtoon series such as Tower Of God, The God Of Highschool, Solo Leveling.

Webtoon is currently regarded as a “gold mine” for TV producers. The webtoon’s content includes romance, humor, action, and horror, among other genres. Webtoons are unique from other sorts of tales in that they are made in an online format that is optimized for scrolling on a web page.

Aside from successful dramas, Korea has a highly popular “specialty” in the form of webtoons. The webtoon’s beginnings may be traced back to 2003, when the prominent Korean search engine Daum began publishing the manga works of two authors, Yoon Tae Ho and Kang Do Young, in an online format.

Two years later, the Naver search site became a good site for all readers. As a consequence of Naver’s participation, many more amateur artists have been inspired to create webtoons. Some of his works have even been transformed into motion pictures. The film Secretly Greatly, which was released in 2013, gave this version of the story a boost. At the time, the film had over 6.95 million viewers, making it the best-selling Korean film adaptation.

According to KOCCA, in 2021, the Korean Content market was 1 trillion won (about 954 million USD). In which, webtoon accounts for 70%. Novel Updates  accounts for 20%. According to Korea’s National Information Industry Promotion Agency, the country’s webtoon industry is currently growing at 8.6% per year.

Not only is it encapsulated in Korea, but webtoons have also become a hot trend all over the world. Many Korean webtoon firms have slowly branched out into international markets. ManyComic, for example, has now established itself in the United States. Toomics is a webtoon provider with platforms in China, the United States, and Japan.

The most crucial factor that draws people to this comic genre is its ease of use. You may watch the webtoon from anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected device. Additional features that entice readers to the webtoon include beautiful visual graphics that are compatible with the online interface.

The majority of webtoons are long-form. It allows users to see news on their tablets or phones with ease. There are animations and live sound effects in some of the most unique webtoons.

Many analysts anticipate that webtoons will eventually overtake manga and take control of the manga business. Webtoon is causing a stir on the internet thanks to its translations into English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other languages. There are a lot of webtoons out there right now. They read the webtoon on average 4-5 times each day and more than 30 times per week.

The success of the manhwa webtoon entails many variations. Dramas, movies, musicals, animations, games compete to get inspiration from webtoon plots, build more characters and dialogues to meet entertainment needs. The idea of ​​​​adapting an online comic into a movie began with the work “Apartment” by artist Kang Full (2006). After that, a series of movie projects were born, typically the movie “Secretly, Greatly” with the participation of famous actor Kim Soo-Hyun, which reached a record milestone with 7 million visitors.

The latest successful example of adapting a webtoon into a drama is the series “Misaeng”, about the efforts of office workers in the fierce working environment of Korea. The film was a huge hit, achieving sky-high TV viewership ratings and online views, and bringing fame to its cast. The film even influenced the government to have legal policies to support office workers.

Currently, the comic section on the Naver website – which has promoted more than 220 artists – attracts 7.5 million views per day. With a growing fan base, dozens of artists who create webtoon can earn profits from advertising contracts to signing copyright sales for movie and television scripts. Artist A can also become famous, being invited to talk shows and fan signing events.

Top 10+ Best manhwa webtoon websites you can discover manhwa for free 2022.

1 – Webtoon.com
2 – Netcomics
3 – Manytoon Comics
4 – Lightnovel.mobi
5 – Freecomiconline.me
6 – Readfreecomics.com
7 – Webtoon.uk
8 – Manhwa.info
9 – Bestwebtoon.com
10 – Freenovel.me

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