5 Hassle-free Ways to Keep Your Office Clean During a Pandemic

Keep Your Office Clean During a Pandemic

It’s been a couple of years since the global Covid-19 pandemic started, but it seems like people are coming back into the office as the situation normalizes. However, the dangers of contracting the virus are still prevalent, and you’ll need to protect yourself from getting sick!

Offices are typically closed, cramped areas where co-workers spend most of their day with each other. Illnesses can easily spread from person to person as employees continue throughout their day sharing the office space, office supplies, and communal areas. As a manager of a workplace, you will need to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your office to avoid diseases.

We present to you five ways in which you can easily keep your workplace clean and sanitary at all times. Whether it’s to remind your employees to disinfect their hands frequently, or to hire professional cleaners to disinfect your workplace daily, here are ways you can keep clean in the office:

1. Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Professional cleaning and disinfection services are the ultimate hassle-free way to keep your workplace clean, and prevent the spread of the virus from one person to another. These services offer daily disinfection at moderate rates, which makes it simple for you to hire them to ensure the sanitation of your office!

Hire an office cleaner that will work to keep every surface of your workplace grime-free, and daily disinfection ensures that your entire office is free from viruses and bacteria. You’ll have a full workforce that is healthy, clean, and less prone to dangerous diseases.

In terms of professional office cleaning services, Singapore businesses can reach out to the Luce group for their daily disinfection needs. You may need to find a suitable and reputable cleaning company near your area for convenient cleaning services.

2. Use an Air Purification System

Because the virus is airborne, an air purification system will greatly reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria within the office, especially as the space is an enclosed area with little ventilation. An air purification system will circulate clean air throughout the office, while trapping particulate matter in its filter.

Make use of strategically-placed air purifiers around the office if you have a manageably-sized workspace, or install a centralized air purification system within the entire building if your offices are too big for air purifiers. You’ll have cleaner air, and eliminate potential infections from the airborne disease!

3. Sanitize your Work Station

On a personal level, make sure you sanitize your work station: your work desk, your chair, your devices, and any office supplies contained in your space. Sanitizing these items would help reduce the germs within your personal workspace, and provide you a healthier quality of life.

Easily sanitize your work desk using some hand sanitizer or alcohol. Place the disinfecting solution directly on your desk, and use a clean cloth to wipe your table dry. For chairs and other supplies, use a disinfectant spray such as Lysol to kill off the germs. Devices will need to be cleaned carefully without letting moisture get into the interior of your devices.

4. Install a Disinfection Station

By this point, a disinfection station is standard for most commercial spaces, but many establishments do not execute these stations correctly. Some unscrupulous businesses would dilute the disinfectant solution or alcohol to save up on expenditures, but this practice does more harm than good.

Alcohol disinfectants must be at least 70% concentration to kill the virus, and disinfectant mats should be topped off with solution frequently as the solution dries quickly. A disinfectant spray will be much more effective and hassle-free as employees can spray their soles before stepping into the office. Provide a proper disinfection station for your workplace.

5. Wash Hands Thoroughly

It’s been more than two years since the pandemic started, yet people don’t understand the proper method of handwashing. As a manager or concerned employee of your office, you can put up memos and reminders for employees to know the proper method of sanitizing their hands.

To properly wash your hands, you must go over every finger, your palms, under your fingernails, on your knuckles, and your wrists. Handwashing with soap and water requires at least 20 seconds of handwashing, but best to do so vigorously. Wash hands frequently as well, not only when they are visibly dirty. Maintain a clean, healthy office in the simplest of ways!

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