Bedside Table is the Most Important Furniture in the House

Bedside Table is the Most Important Furniture in the House

Do you think that the bedside table is something unimportant in our bedroom?

We all have our little rituals. Those moments that brings us well-being and harmony. Before going to sleep, you may like to keep the light on for a while and open your favorite book. Or maybe you like to spend a while listening to relaxing music. If you want to keep your favourite things close to your hand at night, you’ll need bedside table. They are available in a variety of styles and functionalities to fulfil all of your needs. Therefore, having a bedside table is essential in our bedroom. To be able to leave those little things, like the book, the mobile or the watch, in a comfortable way.

The bedside table is not only a decorative element that will add personality and design to our room. In addition, its practicality is undoubted in any room. We need it to be able to give a different touch with a lamp according to our decoration and our tastes. Small details count and the bedside table is one of those elements that will make a difference.

Why is the bedside table important in our bedroom?

1. Practicality: thanks to the bedside table, we will have at our side everything we need before falling asleep.

2. Versatility and storage: it not only serves to support things or put the lamp. There are many types of nightstands. We can choose one with a lot of storage and doors or drawers where objects such as an electric blanket, underwear or socks will fit. Or, on the contrary, the most minimalist spirits can opt for tables without drawers or cabinets. Just to support the alarm clock and a small light or some candles.

3. Feng shui: according to this oriental philosophy, the bedside table or nightstand brings balance to the couple. We recommend two bedside tables, whether you live as a couple or not, so as not to unbalance the space.

The bedside table brings you well-being and balance

A friend once confessed to me that having bedside tables in the room seemed to her the most unnecessary. And when I entered her room, I realized that all the furniture and decorations were very well chosen; but, next to the bed and on the floor, objects such as piles of books, her bedtime mask or the bottle of water accumulated, which detracted from the charm of the room that she had decorated with so much love.

There are many types of bedside tables and there is sure to be one that is perfect for you.

Rustic or modern style. With rounded edges and various colors. Built-in or integrated into your headboard. The possibilities are endless. We can even be creative and choose a stool or chair with a design that we like and turn it into our new bedside table.

You will not regret adding this decorative element to your room. We recommend you to see the different bedroom furniture and start your journey to beautiful living with La Maison.

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