Coffee Lovers, How to have Fun at Home?

Coffee Lovers, How to have Fun at Home?

Are you one of those people who can’t start a day properly without a steaming cup of coffee, who must absolutely top off a good meal with coffee and who drink it during the break to re-energize themselves, need to look at best coffee brewing tips. Know that you can have fun at home by choosing the right products and the right instruments. The few tips and advice we offer below will make you enjoy your morning coffee even more. You will even be left to bring your thermos to work, so you are no longer satisfied with the boiling water from the office machine!

Which Machine for a Good Homemade Coffee?

To make good coffee at home, it is necessary to be well equipped. If you are an amateur, you will surely find no inconvenience in investing a little in a quality machine. Moreover, the choice is wide with the different kinds of coffee machines that exist on the market. You just need to choose one that suits your needs and preferences.

The Automatic Machine

The most modern can turn to the automatic coffee machine, which allows you to prepare all kinds of coffee easily and quickly. The pod machine that is used with soft coffee pods. It is suitable for coffee lovers who cannot do without ground coffee and who want good coffee without complicating the task, follow the coffee brewing tips you need to know coffee brewing tips. In particular, you will find machines on the market that can prepare 2 cups at a time. In addition, the pre-heat water option delivers coffee in just 40 seconds.

The capsule machine, which is undoubtedly the most, advanced of machines. It allows you to enjoy quality coffee packaged in a capsule. Moreover, these preparations are often available in many flavors to satisfy taste explorers!

The Manual Coffee Machine

Coffee brewing tips for manual coffee machine is the prerogative of artisanal coffee purists, made according to their own recipes. It allows you to control the dosage, quantity and taste of your beverage according to your desires of the moment. This type of machine is often available in 3 different formats. The Italian machine with which you have the possibility to prepare a full-bodied mocha easily and quickly. It often consists of a reservoir, a filter and a jug to serve the coffee when it is ready.

The filter machine, which is the most classic of all. It is suitable for ground coffee lovers and those who need to brew a family size amount of coffee every time. It is also possible to find very sophisticated ones which are programmable and which allow the adjustment of the intensity of the coffee. The piston coffee machine, which is the favorite of green coffee drinkers. It is manual, from the dosage of water and coffee, to the pressure of the filter. This pressure gives the coffee its special taste. If you do not mind spending a little hard work to drink a good coffee, this machine is for you!

The Keys to a Perfect Homemade Coffee

The coffee served in restaurants or in tearooms often tastes better than the coffee we prepare with our good old machine. The fact is that the professionals have their own recipes, which they will surely not reveal to the public. However, be aware that it is enough to have the right ingredients and to apply the right gestures to obtain a coffee worthy of a specialized establishment… or close to it!

Measure the Coffee Well

Whether you use freshly ground coffee or already ground at the base, be aware that the dosage will also affect the final taste of your beverage. It is therefore strongly recommended to respect the dosages prescribed by coffee specialists. Known for example that an espresso only needs 7g of ground coffee, for better understanding see Espresso machines reviews. In general, a liter of water will allow you to infuse between 45 and 65 g of coffee, no more and no less. The most meticulous will not hesitate to take out the kitchen scale to properly measure the coffee before preparing it!

Freshly Ground Coffee Beans

Although capsule coffees have their little success with the machines associated with them, be aware that coffee beans are still ideal for obtaining good coffee. Of course, it is not always practical to have to grind the beans before infusing your preparation, but with a machine with an integrated grinder, the problem is quickly solved. Whatever solution you have adopted for grinding your coffee, be aware that the flavor of coffee beans is revealed best when they are ground just before brewing.

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