What to Wear at a Boat Cruise Party: Your Essential Fashion Guide

What to Wear at a Boat Cruise Party: Your Essential Fashion Guide 1

A rising tide lifts all boats. The tide must be rising fast, given how popular boats are.

Americans own more than 11.8 million recreational vessels. If you want a fun and exciting party, you should take a boat out on the water. But before you sail away, you need to know what to wear at a boat cruise party. 

What material should your clothes be made out of? What type of shoes should you wear? How can you protect your skin from damage? 

Answer these questions and you can remain comfortable and stylish while gliding over high tides. Here is your quick guide.


Linen clothes are the ideal clothes for a boat cruise party. The fabric has natural fibers, which feel light and airy. If the fibers get wet, they can dry off after a few minutes.

The clothes will keep you warm without making you feel too hot. You should try to wear a linen shirt with full sleeves and pants that extend to your ankles. 

You can choose any colors that you want. Nautical colors like blue and white can help create a festive vibe for a boat party.


It can be windy or cold on a boat. If the cruise party goes into the ocean, you should expect to experience mild temperatures. 

You can bring a fluffy jacket if you expect it to be cold on deck. Even if the temperature will be warm, you should bring a windbreaker. It can become windy with little warning. 

Flat Shoes

Dressing for a boat party is not just about looking festive. You need to make decisions that will keep you safe. The deck can become slippery, so wearing heeled shoes can lead to a fall. 

You should wear flat shoes instead. Try to find ones with thick rubber heels that grip the deck. As with your shirt, you can pick shoes in light nautical colors to create a festive outfit.


Some cruise parties will allow you to swim. You may be able to swim in a pool on deck, or you can swim in the ocean. If there is a high party boat cost, you will probably have an opportunity to swim.

Feel free to wear a swimsuit underneath your shirt and pants. Towels will be provided for you, though you should bring spare clothes in case they get wet.


Many boat cruise party outfit ideas accommodate hats. Hats are not required, but you should wear one to avoid sunburns and protect your hair. Find a hat with a broad brim that will fit over your head.

What to Wear at a Boat Cruise Party

Deciding what to wear at a boat cruise party can be a challenge. Linen clothes are breathable while covering most of your body. If you want a little more warmth, you should bring a windbreaker.

You must find a pair of flat shoes that will grip the deck. You don’t have to bring a swimsuit, but you can wear one if you would like to swim. You should also wear a hat to protect your scalp and neck from the sun. 

Finding the right clothes for parties shouldn’t be tricky. Read more party fashion guides by following our coverage.

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