What Are Your Basic Responsibilities as a United States Citizen?

What Are Your Basic Responsibilities as a United States Citizen? 1

Ah, America. The greatest country in the world. 

We all know that as citizens, we have certain fundamental rights. There is the right to education, vote, and the right to use public facilities.

But what about our responsibilities? Because rights and privileges are a two-way street – you need to perform some essential duties to benefit from the Bill of Rights. These duties include respecting the law, registering for Selective Service, and jury duty to name a few. You will also be required to pay taxes, but you can file your tax return for free online. Aside from that, there are a number of voluntary duties you might find yourself compelled to fulfill.

Want to learn about the critical citizen responsibilities in the United States of America? Keep reading to find out.

Obeying the Law

Every American citizen must obey the law. Whether it’s federal, state, or local laws, they must be followed to the fullest.

If not, citizens may face penalties and fines.

Paying Taxes

Another essential in the US toolkit is the payment of taxes. And there are a lot of taxes to pay – including property and sales tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, and police and fire tax.

Of course, tax evasion is a punishable offense. If you’re struggling to get going come tax time, seek help from a tax lawyer. This way, you’ll be making your payments on time and following your duty!

Jury Duty

Are you surprised about this one? Every US citizen must serve on a trial jury when summoned. If you’re chosen, it is based on a randomized basis.

You may also have to appear and testify under oath if you receive a summons as a witness.

Selective Service Registration

US citizens also may be called upon to draft in the armed forces or case of a natural emergency. 

Men between the ages of 18 to 25 must register, and if not – face the risk of penalties and even jail time.

Voluntary Responsibilities

Above, we highlighted the compulsory responsibilities of every American. In addition, there are also specific voluntary responsibilities that are not mandatory. These include:

  • Voting: Participating in the governmental systems is a way US citizens can exercise their voice
  • Involvement in the community: Community well-being is prioritized as individuals may offer their skills or knowledge to local groups
  • Passing it on: This involves teaching the future generations how to be a good citizen
  • Tolerance: Citizens must respect differences of thought, culture, and region
  • Staying informed: By remaining informed of local and international issues, citizens will be able to get involved in activism or running for public office

Of course, their duties are not compulsory. But they are essential to the adequate functioning of democracy!

Citizen Responsibilities: Every American Citizen Has Them

Belonging to the United States comes with its perks and privileges. But to benefit from these rights, we each need to give back in our own way.

That’s where citizen responsibilities come in. The US Constitution is created in a reciprocal manner, where each citizen gains some and gives some. That’s the beauty of America!

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