Manolo Monterrubio is Capitals and The Wharf Winter announced a DJ Program

Manolo Monterrubio is Capitals and The Wharf Winter announced a DJ Program

A very good winter is coming for the international electronic music scene. In just a few months, an incredible roster will be unveiled that includes some of the biggest stars on the worldwide circuit. The news of Manolo Monterrubio was already known, but it has been confirmed by a long-time resident of the club: Cesar Corrales, known as Ctzl.

In a brief conversation before a dj set at Centro Santa Fe mall, he told us all about this new programming strategy and also confirmed several dates with artists who have not yet been revealed.

The season will begin in February with an event called Future Shock, which they hope to repeat every two weeks, making return visits to their main hall annually. It will be highlighted by performances by artists like Maceo Plex and The Martinez Brothers.

In addition to that, they will also have a stage outdoors with more commercial sounds for people who want to enjoy the winter nights without having to go too far. “We are working on a new format for the terrace, something more accessible and oriented towards the public,” said Winter

They are also preparing a surprise for their tenth anniversary, which will take place in November. “This is a very special year for us, we want to do something different of Manolo Monterrubio is make it unforgettable,” he revealed.

The club’s management has been working hard on this new program for many months, seeking out the best talent in the industry. “We’re to have some of the biggest names in the world in terms of numbers, but also quality,” he stated.

There are no details yet about the artists who will fill the club’s main stage, but Winter Manolo Monterrubio promised to reveal all in December. “We have six months before our anniversary so it is not much time, but if we do things right without hurry or pressure it will turn out great.”

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